From Ditsy Floral To Vintage Frames: What Is Soft Girl Aesthetic?


Forget the 2020 VSCO style and the rise of the punky pastel e-girl, a new Tiktok fashion trend has hit the highstreets. With a pretty pastel pink persona and an oversized vintage jumper, meet the ‘soft girl’ currently dominating teenage Tiktok. From ditsy floral to gold-rimmed frames, read on to find out why this new fashion trend has begun to line the high street stores and how you can incorporate a few simple style tips into your wardrobe for the ultimate soft girl makeover.

Soft Girl Aesthetic
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What Is Soft Girl Aesthetic?

The soft girl aesthetic has become a popular social media trend for Gen-Z. With over 900 million views on #SoftGirl and now 7 in 10 teens on Tiktok, it’s safe to say many GenZers are swapping styles to partake in the new aesthetic phenomenon that has brought pastel back onto the high street, increased upcycling and vintage shopping and brought back elements of the 90’s fashion scene with shimmering eyeshadows and soft block colour.

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This trend however isn’t just made up of playful hairdos and peachy blush makeup tones. The ‘soft girl’ has become a new teenage persona, taking over bedroom designs with minimalistic pastel and fluffy white, alongside promoting younger people to be bubbly yet introverted for the perfect balance of mysterious sweetness.

For the aspiring soft girl who wants to rule the new TikTok trend, here are our ultimate style tips for a pastel pink aesthetic that will leave you glowing.

Style Tips For The Ultimate Soft Girl Aesthetic

It’s time to ditch those darker colours and bold lips. For the ultimate soft girl style, it’s all about peachy pastels, minimalistic elegance and a touch of dainty accessorising. Learn to love a vintage store and clothes that are at least two sizes too big for a quick pass into the trending style.


We may have mentioned it a couple of times already, but pastel shades really are your saving grace when it comes to the soft girl aesthetic. Think lilac and blush pink for the ultimate style swap. The lighter the pastel the better.

For a 90’s twist on this trend, pair a blush pink oversized jumper with a pair of light washed denim jeans, Mom style, for a classic retro vintage approach.

If you’re looking to go even further out there, go full ‘soft girl’, with a complete pastel transformation. Try mixing two shades of pastel tone together with soft coloured trousers and of course that oversized top. Don’t forget to accessorize with a pastel scrunchy and a vintage handbag to become the ultimate 90’s main character.

Ditsy floral

When a trend hits Tiktok, it’s only so long before a sub-trend begins to form. The soft girl aesthetic is no stranger to this, blending with VSCO minimalism to bring back ditsy floral.

If you’re looking to create a more subtle soft girl style, adding touches of ditsy floral to a minimalistic wardrobe will allow your sweet personality to shine. Pairing ivory tones with soft ditsy floral and understated accessories makes us think of a daisy filled park, spring sun and a classic novel, a perfect soft girl persona.

Oversized and Upcycled

You can’t mention the soft girl aesthetic without talking about the style’s most influential trendsetter. Known for her oversized pastel sweatshirts, high ponytail and ultimate soft girl persona, Ariana Grande is one of many influencers who have brought the 90’s oversized vintage wear back into fashion.

Forget tight crop tops and skinny bright blue jeans, the more oversized the better. The key here is to shop for a jumper with sleeves long enough to only leave the tips of your fingers showing and a baggy vintage worn design that will give you those destined soft girl vibes.

Why not try vintage stores and charity shops if you’re looking to add originality to your wardrobe. Forget fast fashion, investing in the perfect oversized jumper is all about upcycling one-of-a-kind pieces to transform the old into soft new vintage, ideal for individuality.

Vintage accessories

Let’s not forget about the accessories when incorporating the soft girl aesthetic into your wardrobe. If you’re a glasses wearer, this trend could be for you, as dainty rimmed frames with an oversized, yet simple shape have become statement pieces of this trend. Invest in rounder shaped framing with light gold trim to complement your pastel aesthetic.


Light gold understatements really bring this style to life. From small hooped earrings to minimalistic singular bangles and vintage watch straps, adding subtle gold tones to cloudy white and peachy pinks with bring your look to life.