Unique Gift Ideas for Your Partner

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After spending plenty of time in lockdown with our other halves, we might feel like we have gotten to know them either a little better or perhaps too much. With this knowledge comes great responsibility. Did you learn about any pet hates? Are the plants you have been buying for them secretly their least favorite? Do you notice if they are ever able to drink their coffee while it is actually hot?

Seeing your partner in this new light opens a bunch of new doors for you. If the door is the exit, then this piece probably is not for you, but if you have a special occasion coming up and you would like to use this new knowledge for good use, then have a look at some of these unique gift ideas for your partner and see if they make you go “Yes! Definitely them”.

A Hobby Starter Pack

While some of us essential and remote workers remained with our usual workload over lockdown, for plenty of us, we got to experience an unusual amount of spare time. This may or may not have spurred on some new hobbies for the fortunate among us, including things that “we have always wanted to try”.

If you know your loved one has a particular interest in something they have been trying out or you have heard them mention they would like to try, gifting them a new experience they can take at their own pace is a thoughtful and unique gift. If it happens to be something they enjoy, it could be the gift that keeps on giving. You can find plenty of beginner packs for a variety of different hobbies, but if you can’t find the right one, why not do your research and create your own one for them?

A Bean Bag

Whether your loved one is quite the couch ‘hogger’, or you have noticed how little space there is for you two to get comfortable in the house without resisting the urge to go to bed – boy,oh boy, is this gift perfect for the both of you. Getting a giant bean bag as a gift should only ever really spark joy in someone else, especially when you can wash the covers. Get you and your loved one a quality bean bag from Fombag, either big enough that they have somewhere they can get comfy if you both need separate space working from home, or one big enough that can fit the both of you! Either way – it’s a win-win.

Personalized Skin Care

Many of us have been utilizing the excess time we have had to walk around in hair and face masks while not having to leave the house. And if you have noticed the level of care your spouse puts into their skincare, you could take it up a notch and gift them with their very own personalized line to match their skin. A few places offer this as an option, and the demand is only growing- just be sure to check the reviews. If you are not sure what they are looking for in their skincare, you can always make a gift certificate and then do it with them!