How to buy gifts he’ll actually love

T shirt gift

While it might be a slight generalization, men are often the more difficult sex to buy gifts for. Family, friends and even partners fall victim to the ease of buying a nice aftershave kit or – a classic choice – socks. But if you want to buy him a gift that he’ll actually love, you have to dig deeper. That’s why we’re sharing this guide on how to buy him something that won’t just end up in a drawer somewhere. Who knows, it might even become his new favorite thing.

Something related to their favorite film

It might not be something you’re particularly passionate about, but taking a genuine interest in their favorite films and TV shows will help you find the perfect gift. 8Ball T-shirts use film-inspired designs to create cool and quirky apparel. If he’s a total Die-Hard fan, the Nakatomi Corporation Christmas Jumper could be the perfect nod to his favorite film, without simply buying him a poster or figurine.

Experience vs materials

The world is changing and our priorities no longer lie with ‘what we have’, but more ‘what we have done’. As such, experiences are a much better choice for gifting to both men and women – and even open up the opportunity to spend some quality time together.

Whether it’s a small getaway, a day trip or an exciting activity, experiences are a great way to show you care, without cluttering the house with more things that go unused.

Subscription boxes

If the recipient has a passion for fine whiskeys, you might not have the budget to buy a variety of quirky brands for them to try. Similarly, if they’re into shaving products, beers or model cars, there’s no way of knowing whether you’re buying the right options unless you ask. And nobody likes knowing their gifts before they get them…

To keep the surprise, a subscription service is a great way to give them the chance to explore new versions of the things they love. Pay a few months upfront and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Rather than having to fork out for a big number of different beers because you’re not sure what flavors or types they like – you can leave that to the experts.

Make your own vouchers

To add a little sentimentality, you can make your own vouchers. These are the perfect cheating gift if you’ve both agreed to stick within a budget, as the money will be spent later. Vouchers for a child-free evening, a pass to watch his favorite TV shows or even a promise to do all the ironing for a week can all be redeemed as and when he fancies. To make it easier, there are plenty of DIY voucher ideas online to give you inspiration.

So, while most gift-buying guides recommend a new shaver, a funny mug or a multi-use tool for their wallet (which we’re pretty sure never gets used), it’s much easier to buy personal gifts for men than you think. Consider experience and intrigue over material items, and give them the chance to geek out with their favorite hobbies guilt-free.