Diamond jewelry

It is generally known that purchasing diamonds can be quite a complex process, and because of this it is important for those interested in diamonds to educate oneself prior to making a significant investment. This article provides six essential steps that one should take into consideration, prior to actually making a purchase.

  1. Conduct Research and Learn

For starters it would be a great idea to hone down the four Cs of diamonds which generally revolves around cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. It is critical anyone looking to buy diamonds to understand the fundamentals of the 4Cs in order for them to make informed decisions. Other factors that could prove to be helpful for buyers are the diamond certifications such as AGS or GIA based on the fact that these certifications ensure that the diamond purchase is genuine and the quality of the diamond is on par with the price that is being paid.

  1. Establishing a Specific Budget

It is important for those out shopping for diamonds to determine how much to spend or how much they could afford to spend on a diamond. Establishing a budget will assist buyers to narrow down the available options and also stay their hand from overspending. The prices of diamonds vary quite a bit and are generally based on a wide variety of factors.

  1. Choosing Jewellers

Make sure that the diamond is purchased from a reputable jeweller or even a jeweller with a good reputation based on positive customer reviews. Look for jewellers who are transparent and knowledgeable, willing to provide the necessary information and answer any questions that buyers may have. Also avoid being ’pressured’ by jewellers; the best thing that a potential diamond buyer can do when jewellers or even wholesale diamond vendors pressure customers is to ‘Walk Away’.

  1. Determine Diamond Shape/ Style

Personal preferences of the buyer or diamond recipient’s must be afforded some degree of consideration and this generally revolves around the diamond’s shape, style, size and colour more than anything else when choosing diamond. Among the more popular choices include oval, round, heart, emerald, marquise and cushion cuts. Also there is the matter of preference for solitaire diamonds or settings that come with side stones or halo settings.

  1. Determine Diamond Quality

As most of us already know, the quality of a diamond is dependent on the genuine price and this in turn is dependent on the predetermined budget and associated preferences. Therefore, it is important for the buyers to decide on the level of quality that they are expecting or desiring. Within this context, it is important to remember that each of the four Cs makes a significant contribution to a diamond’s appearance and of course price. In essence it is a delicate balancing act and depending on which of the 4 Cs is more important to the buyer predetermining the expected quality will go a long way in choosing the most appropriate diamond within the limitations of the buyer.

  1. Compare Prices and Options

In order to ensure that buyers are getting their money’s worth it is crucial for them to visit multiple jewellers (physical stores and as well as online diamond wholesalers/ sellers) to compare prices and diamond options. Consider factors such as the overall quality, pricing, warranties, and return policies. Ensure that the comparisons are done between diamonds with similar characteristics to get a better perspective on the value of the diamond.

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