7 Luxury Gifts to Get the Man in Your Life This Holiday Season


It’s getting to be that time of year once again; the holidays are quickly approaching and that means the giftbuying season has begun. For some people, this can be a source of stress, anxiety and even frustration as it’s not always easy to come up with ideas. Perhaps you’re guilty of procrastinating to the very last possible minute each year simply because you can’t come up with any ideas. Fortunately, however, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

If you’ve got a special man in your life and you want to spoil him with a luxury gift this holiday season, this gift guide will prove to be extremely helpful. These seven ideas could all be perfect – it’s just a matter of which one suits his personality best.

Help Him Build His Dream Bar with Premium Spirits

Does your man have a home bar or even a man cave that he loves to hang out in and entertain his friends? If so, why not help him to build the whole bar experience with premium spirits? These aren’t the typical items that people tend to buy regularly, as they are splurge items. They also tend to be enjoyed on special occasions, which is why it’s nice to have them onhand.

When it comes to choosing premium spirits, you might want to go for high-end gin, whiskey, Cointreau and rum. Think of these as the building blocks to the ultimate at-home bar. Along with the spirits, you can also gift him with glassware and a set of bar tools.

Give Him the Gift of Music with Wireless Headphones

If that special man in your life loves music, you can gift him with wireless headphones. You want to be sure that you shop around and get a high-end pair. Look for headphones that are noise canceling, offer crisp sound, have excellent battery life, are Bluetooth compatible, and look stylish of course. Options like the Bang and Olufsen headphones found through retailers like SSENSE could be perfect.

Wireless headphones have become ‘the’ gift as of late, and even if your guy already has a pair, this is an opportunity to upgrade what he has. Technology is constantly changing and improving, so even if his current headphones are only a couple of years old, a new model would still be a massive improvement.

Make Grooming a Breeze with a Complete Set

If your man loves to look put together and takes pride in his grooming routine, you can gift him with the tools he needs. A complete grooming kit comes with all the essentials he’ll need to groom from head to toe. This means it will feature different attachments and gadgets, all meant to make grooming faster, easier and more perfect.

Handymen Always Appreciate New Tools

If your man happens to be the handyman type that loves tackling projects around the home, there’s no doubt he’d be thrilled to receive new tools. Whether that is power tools or standard tools, it doesn’t matter. For many guys, there is no such thing as too many tools. He may even need to replace some of his existing pieces, as they do become worn over the years.

Help Him to Set Up a Home Office with a Laptop

Has your man been working from home regularly as of late? Does he need to be mobile while on the road? If so, you may want to gift him with a brand-new laptop. A laptop will allow him to be productive from any place, giving him the gift of a home office. Today’s laptops are filled with fabulous features and have longer-lasting batteries. To go with the laptop, you may also want to pick up a laptop case or sleeve to ensure it stays protected when not in use.

Feed into His Manly Side with a Leather Moto Jacket

For guys that have that rugged manly side, a brand-new leather jacket could be perfect. While there are many styles to choose from, it’s the motorcycle style that tends to be the most popular. It’s trendy, stylish and has a bit of edge to it – just like your man. And don’t feel that you have to pick up a black leather jacket, since a rich brown, olive green or tan may suit him better.

A Smartwatch Could be Just What He Wants

Finally, you might also want to consider a smartwatch. These handy watches are capable of all kinds of things and are ideal for active, health-conscious guys who want to be more in control of their stats and well-being.

If you’re trying to come up with the perfect gift idea for your man, these luxury items could end up being exactly what he wants. Each one is sure to impress.