6 Tips For Choosing the Best Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

You’ve decided to ask the love of your life to be your forever partner. It’s one of the most exciting and lifegiving experiences you can have, and it all starts with the ring.

But how do you choose? Here are six tips when choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner:

  1. Shape 

The shape of the diamond you’re buying is also known as the cut. This is the first thing you consider when deciding on the style of ring you want to buy. There are ten popular shapes of diamonds.

Narrow down what you don’t want in a ring to help you decipher the best one for your partner.

For instance, you might not want to buy an emerald-cut diamond because it doesn’t have the sparkle and shine in its facets like a classic round-cut stone. 

  1. Diamond Quality and Clarity 

After you’ve decided on the cut of the diamond, you need to examine its quality and clarity. The quality of a diamond will determine its color.

The highest quality diamonds typically have no color, which adds to their clarity and sparkle.

The lower-quality diamonds might have a yellow tint, depending on what type of metal band you choose. 

  1. Carat Size 

One of the biggest expenses when buying an engagement ring depends on the size of the carat. This is where you’ll need to highly consider your budget.

The clarity and color can be adjusted regardless of the size of the carat so the saying “bigger is better” doesn’t necessarily apply here. A great tip is to buy a carat that’s just below the size carat you want.

If your spouse-to-be is dying for a 1-carat diamond, buy one that’s .97-carats. No one will ever know the difference and you’ll save yourself quite a bit of money.

  1. Make Sure It’s Certified 

People say you should spend 2-3 times your monthly income on a ring. This means the diamond engagement ring is going to be one of the most expensive investments you will make.

Make sure your ring is certified through an accredited lab like the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institue of America.

Other wholesalers or labs may offer the idea that it’s certified, but if the diamond doesn’t match the certification with an accredited lab, you’re probably getting a lower quality diamond than you think. 

  1. Metal 

Now it’s time to think about the metal you’ll want for your band. Traditionally, people buy silver or gold. But other metals may be a better suit for your budget or lifestyle.

Rose gold has become an increasingly popular engagement ring trend over the last few years with its modern appeal. Platinum looks similar to silver but is far more expensive, and doesn’t tarnish or scratch like silver. 

  1. Measurements 

Thankfully measurements don’t have to be perfect for an engagement ring. But it’s good to have a general idea of what size your partner wears on their ring finger. When in doubt, go bigger. It’s far easier to make a ring smaller than it is to expand it.

If you’re unsure of their size, but want to keep your proposal a secret, ask a close friend or family member. They may have talked to your partner about it before.

Otherwise, you can take one of their rings to a jeweler and compare the size. 


Buying the perfect engagement ring isn’t just about finding something on Pinterest and clicking the purchase button. There are many things to consider – especially because of how expensive they can be.

Look at your budget and compare the quality rings that fit the style of your partner. Most importantly, always ensure that the diamond is certified and that the certification matches the diamond you’re buying.

You’ll thank yourself in the end for putting in the extra due diligence.