2018 Beauty Report: The Looks You Can Rock

beauty report

It’s been a truly exciting year in beauty so far, and if you’re anything like us, you love the influx of fun new trends that are showing up everywhere. There are so many new things to try and so many looks to rock, that we simply can’t wait to get to them all. Are you excited? Then let us jump right in and tell you everything you need to know about 2018 beauty looks.

Minimalist eyeliner

While sleek cat eye was present through the year simply because it’s a timeless look that never goes out of fashion, this year there were also a lot of softer versions of it. With a dash of silver, bronze, or turquoise, gals are embracing the subtle pop of color to bring out their eyes. You can use a thin line of shimmery eyeliner along your lashline and pair it with deep black mascara for an easy party look.

Variations of smokey

Black smokey eyes are certainly sexy, but this year going for something a touch more natural. Soft brown and bronze eyeshadows will give you a delectably sultry look, so use a little matte shade in the crease of your eye and pop a touch of shimmery bronze on the center of your lids. Feather it out with a blending brush, and pair this eye look with your favorite nude lipstick. Easy, sexy, and great for romantic dates.

glass  like skin

Glass-like skin

Heavy contouring is out, and natural skin is back in vogue. You want that dewy, glass-like glow, that smooth, nourished look that shows off your beauty without a ton of heavy foundation and powders. Of course, this kind of thing requires you to take good care of your face, so make sure to establish a good skin regimen by using quality products that will make your skin radiant. If your complexion is smooth and clear, then pretty much the only thing you need is some light BB cream and maybe a dab of cream highlighter on your cheeks.

Sleek, chic corporate

Boss lady haircuts are one of our favorite trends, and the whole idea of sleek, pinned-back hair can make any woman feel professional and polished. Try a bun at the nape of your neck, or slick back your hair into a smooth ponytail to look like an empowered businesswoman. If you want to wear this kind of look to a party, simply find a shimmery hair clip and use it to ornament the style.

Bringing back the bold

Nude lipsticks have their time and place, but we’re finally bringing back bold colors and living the diva dream! Burgundy, grungy brown, deep coral, and fuchsia are all great shades for the season, and you simply have to find your perfect shade of red. There’s nothing like a good vampy lipstick to make a gal feel like a million bucks, so experiment with colors and find your true match.

Rebel hair

If you don’t like the sleek corporate look we mentioned before (or your hair simply doesn’t do sleek) – worry not, wild, natural hair is popular, too. From subtle beachy waves to big, textured volume, pair your hair with a punk eye look and enjoy the untamed feel.

Big lashes

big lashes

Long, voluminous lashes are something every gal dreams about, and it’s no wonder that eyelash extensions are on the rise these days. Extensions are a great way to get dramatic lashes that look good no matter where you are, but you can also accomplish this through the use of falsies, or simply by wearing a good volumizing mascara (for example, the Essence Lash Princess is really good, and the price is a bargain).

Cherry pop

As for hair colors, red seems to be pretty trendy, particularly deep cherry shades. If you want to stand out and really turn some heads as you walk by, dye your hair a bright color at least once in your life. If red is a bit too much for you, try going for a mix of ash and butter blonde highlights – the iced chai latte colors are very glam, but also very wearable.

Lilac and gold

Coming from Oscar de la Renta’s models during Fashion Week, this is the look for our princesses who love looking soft and feminine. With a little lilac eyeshadow in the crease and a dusting of gold on the lids, you’ll have a very modern, very romantic look that’s going to turn quite a few heads.

This year we’ve moved away from heavier makeup, but there’s still plenty of color to go around. Enjoy these fun trends and experiment with some new beauty looks.