How to take a good selfie photo has become one of the premier questions of the internet age, and much ink has been spilled over it. For the most part, the talk has focused on the tech side, with folks advising on filters and lighting, and such.

But, there’s another side to the selfie, and it’s your side of the lens. Before you take a great selfie, there are all kinds of ways to ensure that you’re the most selfie-worthy version of yourself that you can be!

Your Skin

Looking after your skin is just a good thing which we should all be doing anyway, but it’s also perhaps the most overlooked aspect of taking selfies. Especially if you’re planning to go the more natural route by avoiding heavy filters and effects.

When your skin glows with health, you’re already most of the way there. The routines are very important here, so your cleansing and moisturizing habits will be key to how your skin appears in your pic.



Your Choice of Foundation

It’s important to note that certain shades are usually understated on most cameras, while some others are exaggerated. This means that how you appear on your pics will be slightly different from how you appear to the naked eye.

To avoid having a washed-out look in your pics, you shouldn’t opt for the lightest colors. They tend to come out looking febrile and pale, while some of the darker shades will increase darker spots under the eyes and so on.

It’s just one of those things the camera does because the 2D image doesn’t affect the eye in the same way as the 3D live version of you does. You just have to adapt things slightly to get the results.

The Tones You Select

A lot depends on the overall effect you’re trying to create, but it’s broadly the case that less is more on camera. Going lightly on the right blusher will make the perfect look while going heavy on the same shade can produce an almost comical outcome.

The inverse is also true for those darker colors. If you often use a lot of shading to create a smokey effect around your eyes, it may tip over the edge in a selfie pic and become more of a gaunt appearance than a smokey one.

There is an exception, though. Letting your lips pop in your selfie can often mean using lipstick with a vibrant tone. So, while gently does it for most of your selfie make-up choices, you can let your wilder side apply the lipstick.




There’s a kind of warping that happens with camera pics, and it’s standard across pretty much any camera. So, to create that perfect selfie, you have to bear these in mind and make minor adapting changes from your usual look.

The lensing effect has many advantages, too, so it’s a trade-off taking place when you move from your everyday look to the perfect selfie look. They’re minor changes that will make all the difference.

By tbb