Tips to Make Your Eyes Stand Out


Whether you have baby blues, dark browns, or something in between, making your eyes stand out is sure to get you noticed. There are techniques you can try individually or bundle several together for a real pop. If eyes are windows to the soul, these tips will get your soul singing!

Groom Your Eyebrows

Nobody likes getting their eyebrows plucked, but it’s worth it because brows frame the eyes.  If you wouldn’t hang the Mona Lisa in a cheap plastic frame, don’t frame your eyes with overgrown or scraggly brows.  Consider microblading, a technique similar to tattooing, that will help you fill in an uneven brow. If you’re looking for eyebrow services Prince George BC, for example, or the town near you. Tinting or dying brows is also a way to get a full rich color that enhances your eyes.

Curl Your Lashes

Although they look like mini-torture devices, lash curlers are actually pretty simple to use. In a few simple steps, your curled lashes will help your eyes look wider. Apply a dramatic coat of lengthening mascara to freshly curled lashes to complete the look.

Line Your Lids

Although black is dramatic, brown liner is a better color for making your eyes appear bigger. Start the liner about a quarter of the way in from your inner eye and extend just a tiny bit outside your lower lid. This may take practice to make the lines even. Colors are fun, but neutral brown shades make your natural eye color stand out especially if your eyes are lighter colored. A touch of white in the inner corners is an old theater trick to make eyes look bigger.

Popping eyes are always in style. Beautiful eyes draw attention away from other facial imperfections. Keeping your eyebrows groomed, your lashes long, and the right color around on your lids can make your eyes truly stand out.