We all want to look our best, most of the time at least. But looking great doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes it feels like nothing that you try actually makes a difference. The following hacks are an excellent place to start.

The Credit Card

Next time one of your bank cards expires, instead of throwing it out, hang on to it! A credit card is a great way of making sure that you’re drawing straight lines with your makeup every time. For more ideas of how you can utilize everyday items to enhance your beauty regime, check out Idea Hacks.

Get a Grip on Your Bobby Pins

When you are using bobby pins, you can get a better grip and greatly improve your dexterity simply by flipping the pin over so that the wavy side is pressed against your head. Many girls find this helpful when they’re struggling to keep a pin in place. As the straight side of the pin is smoother and slicker, it won’t grip as well as the other side.

If you are using a bobby pin to provide support to your ponytail, insert the pin vertically into your ponytail holder. Insert the bobby pins – two or three should do the job – halfway inside the elastic so that they are facing downwards. It is also a good idea to give your ponytail a fluff, and to flip it over. This gives you a much fuller look and prevents your ponytail from sagging.

Use a Brush to Give Your Braids Texture

French maid braids are one of the most striking and elegant features a girl can put in her hair. A head of neatly made French maid braids certainly looks great, but it looks even better with a little ‘roughed-up’ look. The most effective way of achieving this is to use either a toothbrush or a teasing brush. Brushing them in the opposite direction to the braiding achieves the best results in the shortest time.

Discreetly Pin Back Your Strands

Again we have the bobby pin as it is one of the most versatile weapons in your beauty arsenal. For many girls, the most awkward part of their hair to get looking right is the sides. Finding a way of pulling back any loose strands, which isn’t going to detract from the rest of your look, isn’t always easy.

Try inserting a bobby pin with the end that’s open pointing towards your face, in the opposite direction to that of the hair that you are pinning back. You might find that you need more than one bobby pin to achieve this, but if you do it right it should be relatively easy to hide them.

Use Eyeshadow to Shade Your Scalp

If you can find an eyeshadow which very closely matches your hair color (which shouldn’t be too difficult for most people), you can use a dusting of it on your scalp to add some shade and definition to your scalp; this is an excellent trick for making your hair appear thicker. You can also use this hack with a ponytail by applying a dusting of eyeshadow along your hairline.

Learning just a few beauty hacks can make a huge difference to your beauty regimen, and to the amount of money you spend on products.

By tbb