As most people know, the best way to lose weight is through exercise and a calorie controlled diet. However, there are some supplements that claim to make the process faster or easier.


No supplement will make you lose weight by magic if you are still following a lifestyle that encourages weight gain, but they can assist people who are making positive efforts to lose weight anyway by helping the biological processes involved in this along with a little.

However, weight loss supplements are not all created equal. Some have been banned because the level of metabolic stimulation they cause puts too much strain on the heart and other organs. This can be very dangerous, as reported at So, how can you decide if a weight loss supplement is worth taking for your own goals?

Do You Even Need a Supplement?

Normal weight loss through diet and exercise is one to two pounds a week. If you can speed this up a little with supplements, you still won’t see a dramatic difference. Some weight loss pills claim to offer an extra one-pound loss for every two you lose on your own, but they can also cause some nasty side effects.

If you have a large amount to lose, then you will lose weight faster at first anyway. However, if you are looking to lose 50 pounds or less, it is up to you whether you think supplements that will shorten the process by a few weeks will be worth the cost and possible side effects.

Are There Good Studies On The Ingredient You Want To Take?

Some ingredients have been shown in studies to have an impact on metabolism, or to change the way the body processes things like fat or carbs to promote weight loss. Some of these are actually things you can include in your diet, such as caffeine, green tea, coconut oil and chili, but if you find it easier to take them in pill form, then a supplement can be a good option.

However, it is vital to do your research whether you take a supplement or just eat these foods. Coconut oil can cause some digestive issues at first, and so you need to work up to a higher dose if you are using it in your food. Caffeine is a strong and addictive stimulant so again, you need to make sure you build up a tolerance if you want to use it as a workout fuel or weight loss supplement.

A lot of things marketed as supplements don’t really have a lot of evidence supporting their efficacy. You should look up peer-reviewed studies before choosing any kind of supplement because while an ingredient may be safe, it may not be effective, and you don’t want to be paying top dollar for something that won’t really help.

The supplement industry is a murky one. Some products do work, but many that are effectively a con or an overpriced way of getting something you can simply eat into your body. Learn how to research on the web and find out more before you invest!

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