The Best Weight Loss Foods Available


Losing weight is a noble goal. It is something that most of us will pursue at least a few times in our lives. Losing weight isn’t just an excellent way of improving our general physical health; it also carries numerous other benefits and can be a significant contribution to our sense of self-esteem and our emotional health.

For many of us, however, the battle to lose weight often seems unwinnable. We feel that we are fighting against ourselves and getting nowhere and this can be incredibly frustrating, ultimately hindering our efforts at self-improvement. This is perfectly natural. After all, if losing weight were that easy there would be no need for this kind of guide!

The reality is that losing weight is a challenge and there is no shame in struggling to achieve it. Fortunately, we now have a very good understanding of the underlying science regarding both food, the way our bodies process it, and how this causes weight to be gained or lost.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best foods to eat when on your weight loss journey. Remember that, as of yet, science hasn’t developed a food that we can binge on to lose weight. Instead, these are the foods that will make weight loss easiest when consumed as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Whole Egg

It was once thought that eggs were the enemy of the dieter. Their purported sky-high cholesterol levels made them the enemy. However, we now understand that consuming whole eggs does not have the adverse effect on blood cholesterol that we once thought it did.

In fact, eggs are high in protein and loaded with ‘healthy fats’. That’s right, even when losing weight, it is important that your diet includes some fat. You want to avoid trans fats, as these are the ones that your body will struggle to shift.

Shakes and Smoothies

A liquid lunch can sometimes be a good way of giving your body the energy it needs without overloading it on anything you’re trying to avoid. There are now cheap weight loss shakes available, which are specially formulated to aid in weight loss.

Making your own smoothies is an excellent way to effortlessly introduce some fruit into your diet, and they taste fantastic!

Leafy Greens

When we refer to leafy greens, we mean things like spinach and kale. These kinds of vegetables tend to be loaded with fiber while remaining low in calories and carbohydrates.

Leafy greens are an excellent addition to any weight loss diet. However, be aware of a common myth that chlorophyll (the stuff that makes leaves green) will oxidize your blood. Chlorophyll is an important part of photosynthesis in plants, but there is no sunlight in your gut! This means that when inside your body, chlorophyll doesn’t do anything special.

In addition to eating the right foods, weight loss also requires that you regularly exercise and that you consume those right foods in reasonable quantities. You might find it easier to lose weight if you can find a buddy to join you.