Outdoor Workout

Summer is the perfect time to take your workout outdoors and enjoy fresh air while breaking a sweat. Once the temperature rises and the gym becomes too stifling, working out indoors becomes unbearable. That’s why you should consider enriching your current workout routine with a few other exercises that are perfect for doing outdoors.

Outdoor cardio meltdown

Forget about running on the treadmill at the gym, and grab your mat for the best outdoor cardio workout. Start by doing a long jump the length of your mat, and shuffle backwards. Make sure you do 10 repetitions. Follow with 10 kneeling or full push-ups depending on your shape. Then, do 15 sumo squats, 15 burpees and 20 bicycle crunches. Finish your cardio meltdown with 20 mountain climbers, and try to beat your best time with every following workout, for the great results.

Stand-up paddleboard

If you’re looking for a fun way to tone your body without feeling exhausted as after a strenuous workout, stand-up paddleboarding is the perfect workout for you. For this exercise, you’ll need to stand on an oversized longboard and use a paddle to navigate across calm waters. Even though it may seem like a piece of cake, this exercise is far from light. You’ll need to use your entire body, and the biggest accent will be on your core stability and control. It’s also a great workout for those who don’t want to get wet, but still want to incorporate water activities into their exercise routine.

Outdoor Workout

Squat till you drop

Anyone who wants to strengthen their legs and glutes should consider doing plenty of squats during their workout. However, squats will do much more than just tone your legs and glutes, since they can become a full-body workout once you throw in a jump to the mix. So, get a pair of comfortable women’s gym tights and start doing ten regular squats, follow with ten jump squats, ten knees to chest jumps and ten squats on tiptoes. For an effective jump squat, make sure you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointing outwards. Inhale while you’re lowering your hips gently into a standard squat. It’s very important that you keep your thighs slightly higher than your knees. Exhale and explode into the air with as much power as you can, driving hard with your legs and pushing yourself further upwards with the balls of your feet. Land with your legs slightly bent before controlling your descent down into the squat position.

Pull-up bar workout

Hang on a pull-up bar in the chin-up position, which means your palms should be facing you. Complete three chin-ups and remain on the bar. Then release your left hand and change the grip so your palm is facing away from you. Complete another three reps afterwards, before you change the grip on the right hand so that both palms are facing away. That way, you’ll be in the pull-up grip so try to do three reps in that position. Change the grip back once more, to your left palm facing you, and do three rep. After changing your right hand’s grip to shift to the starting chin-up position, complete the final three pull-ups.

Trail running

Running is one of the best full-body workouts, that helps you burn a lot of calories and tones your body beautifully. Instead of running on a treadmill, take the workout outdoors and hit the trails. This is one of the best ways to boost the calorie burnout without extending the longevity of your training. If you start running on textured, uneven terrain, you’ll have to use more force, which will make the exercise more intense. Adjusting to incline changes, achieving balance, and finding footings as you run on uneven terrain will make the workout more effective than running on a flat treadmill.

Sailing or rowing classes

If you’re looking for an affordable but also a very exciting outdoor workout, sailing or rowing might be your cup of tea. Build upper-body muscular endurance, agility, flexibility and coordination by signing up for sailing classes. This exercise will help you burn 200 calories, and if you want to go bigger, and get rid of 800 calories per hour, consider rowing classes. Rowing in the water is a much better alternative to doing the same moves on the machines at the gym, so try out this low-impact form of cardio, where you’ll tone your legs and strengthen your core, while enjoying fresh air and the calming sounds of water.

Final thoughts

Working out is vital for your overall health and fitness, so don’t try to avoid it just because the gym became too unpleasant to exercise in during summer. Take your training outside, and enjoy the fresh air, while you’re breaking a sweat and burning more calories than you’d ever burn at the gym. Think about trail running, rowing, paddleboarding or maybe a mixture of different squats, and make this summer one of the best times for toning your figure.

By tbb