Just like other anabolic steroids, Durabolin is able to enhance protein synthesis effectively and inhibit some hormones. It also increases nitrogen retention effectively in the muscles and able to do it much better than some steroids. Low nitrogen levels leads people to enter a catabolic state, which is not desirable. Durabolin not only raises bone mineral content effectively, it also enhances the synthesis of collagen and promotes joint relief. This particular feature makes it even more popular with athletes.

Deca increases the count of red blood cells and relieves joint pains after intense workouts in athletes. Deca also works for protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Hence, it is used extensively during off-season or before a professional contest.

On the other hand, Deca binds very poorly with aromatase enzyme which is responsible for conversion of androgens to testosterone. Nandrolone which is the major compound of Deca converts into estrogen in the liver, however, ineffective in the other parts of the body where there is fat accumulation. This is why Deca is much better compared to Testosterone.

The benefits of deca durabolin

The main benefit of the drug is improving bone density and muscle growth.

The use of deca durabolin for a period of six to eight weeks has lead to the increase in the production of red blood cells.

The main draw of this drug is that it can be used both in the off season and during the professional playing days.

It helps to increase the appetite which in turn helps in the muscle building process.

The mechanism that really makes it a popular choice is that it helps in protein synthesis and the retention of nitrogen in the muscle. Check the before and after pics of users here.

Right dosage of deca durabolin

It has been recommended that 2mg per pound of body weight. It can be 250 to 500mg per week up to 8 to 12 weeks.

Since it has androgenic quality, women take lower dosages and for a lesser amount of time say 50 to 150mg per week and for a period of 4 to 7 weeks.

It is true that the results of usage vary from person to person but if the medication doesn’t not get you the desired effect and cause some unnecessary side effects it better to discontinue. It happens sometimes but after going through a good number of online sites you have a fairly good idea to get the right vendors for your stuff.

Many online labs sell Deca Durabolin for a high price and many athletes and body builders typically order online from the online pharmaceutical labs and enhance the growth of their muscles. This type of steroids also helps in building the bone strength and helps in curing some of the diseases associated with bones. Any individual who is buying the steroids from online vendors should be careful as complete research needs to be done before buying and it is advisable to buy only from legal online vendors as it involves less risk.

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