Bodybuilders take a number of supplements and steroids in various permutations and combinations for the right results and how their bodies react to them. Though experimenting is hazardous but with the help of professionals in the field of medicine and body sculpting you will get the right combination for your body type. As each individual is different and with different needs and the tolerance level varies from person to person.

Every bodybuilder will have a ‘stack’ that is a combination of the supplements he/she follows. Following somebody else’s stack chart is dangerous but it may guide you to make your own.

What is clenbuterol?

It is a steroid used for breathing disorders both in humans and animals especially horses. It is mostly used as decongestant and bronchodilator. Specifically in the case of asthmatic patients has who difficulty in breathing.

Dianabol and taurine or winstrol and anadrol are the commonly used stack recommendations along with the clen dosage. The combination of clen and winstrol is known as power stack as it boosts strength endurance in the body. The body is toned with dense muscles by the use of winstrol. Since it has no estrogen releasing properties, the user can benefit its use to get a masculine physique.

The clen cycle of dosage is same the winstrol dosage will be in 1:2 ratio so if 20mcg – 40mcg for the first day of the second week and 30mcg – 50mcg and so on as it tapers at the end of the week. Usually the cycle of clen is begun first and then winstrol is added when clen is on the off period. As noted above if the cycle period of 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, then winstrol is started on the off period so as to continue the fat burning process begun by clen.

Some of the female athletes have used Anadrol 50 for mass building and achieved huge success. It is better if Anadrol is taken along with promibolan Depot and Deca Dutabolin in the form of injectables which are anabolic in nature. One more suggestion is women can avoid side effects if used 25 mg of Anadrol that is half tablet every 2 days along with recommended dosage of Clenbuterol for the best results.

Buying CLenbuterol in Canada and US

Clen is one of the earliest steroids and now it is included as a Schedule III drug. It can stay in the body for about 6 weeks and is an anabolic as well as androgenic steroid. It also brings about nitrogen balance in the body and that is why it has positive effects on protein metabolism.

Buying CLenbuterol in Canada and US is not a tough task; especially for the residents living in Canada. It can easily purchase with the help of a prescription that is prescribed by a doctor. It is always suggested to seek guidance and advice from your medical health practitioner before getting started with the Clen cycle. This is more because the stacks and dosage differs from one individual to the other.

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