The Facts and Dangers You Should Know About Hot Yoga


We have all come to know yoga as a practice which is famously known for making you leave behind puddles of sweat after each gruelling session. Walk down any street today, and I promise you will not go far without seeing one or two yoga hot studios. I can only say that it is the ultimate chill breaker right now especially with some of the big celebrity names such as Madonna and Lady Gaga who have been seen sweating it out in some of the popular bikram yoga classes. More and more fans of hot yoga have been convinced that it will help them to achieve deeper posses and sweat out all toxins in the body which are good for one’s health. For those who are not familiar with this kind of yoga, it is a popular style such as Bikram yoga which involves yoga in a classroom that is heated up to at least 1050F. If you think this is crazy that is exactly what I thought too when I first heard about hot yoga. Despite the heat that will most likely suffocate you, these classes in bikram yoga will in a way help you feel full of energy and healthy.

Facts about Hot Yoga

Here are some of the facts about hot yoga which no one has told you yet that will be of great help if you know.

  • Have you ever heard of the phrase “mind over matter” when talking about hot yoga? Well, this is not just a phrase, but it means that. Trust me this yoga has no ties with your physical capabilities at all.
  • One of the health benefits of hot yoga is that it acts as a free exfoliation treatment. You will rub off any dry and dead skin. As much as it sounds beneficial health wise, this is just gross! Imagine yourself in a room of people exfoliating their dead skinL
  • You are going to sweat, and by that I mean a lot like literally sweat your butt off! So be ready to sweat buckets, it is no joke here.
  • If you are looking forward to joining a bikram yoga one there are requirements you need to abide by, and one of them is time. The reason is that it takes a big part of your day, just imagine driving to the studio, the session will be at least 90minutes, then driving back home and showering. It will take you at least 2 hours and not to mention how tired you will be.
  • People who are planning to run a marathon soon can use hot yoga so as to help them with the mental aspect of training.
  • Talk about having a social life; I doubt you will have time left for that. You have hot yoga then you go for marathon training, right? Good luck with your social life my friend.
  • An after a session of hot yoga will always get you daydreaming about that refreshing shower which might seem like the best thing to happen to you that day. Gosh, the feeling is just amazing.
  • Constant hydration is a must if you want to survive because every drop of liquid that is inside you will sip out of your skin. You do not even have to pee.

Despite some of the advantages that come with hot yoga, recent researches which have been conducted have given rise to some grave concern if it is right or wrong for you taking into account the physical activities in a hot setting. The following are some of the dangers that might arise from hot yoga

Infections- just the mention of the hot and humid gyms screams out the best breeding grounds for germs. It is much worse if you will share a mat with someone else or go bare feet. I will advise against going to such places. This remedy from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory remedies that are used to relieve inflammation and pain in various diseases, for example, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis and others. Celebrex – differs from other NSAIDs in that it is selective. This means that it does not lag behind in effectiveness, but it causes far fewer side effects, for example, it is believed that selective NSAIDs do not affect the stomach! Pain in the hip joints began to worry less from the first day. I drank one capsule in the morning, for 10 days.

Joint and muscle damage-Stretching deeper in the heat can feel good, but although this is the case, some people get way over themselves and end up damaging their joints and muscles. Orthopaedic surgeons strongly advise against overstretching in hot environment

Heat stroke-trust me you do not want to overwhelm the ability that your body has to control its core temperature. But this is what hot yoga is on the verge of doing. Heat stroke is a potentially dangerous condition which shuts down your heart, liver and kidneys as well as other organs. In a much lesser scale, it can make you feel light-headed and physically wiped out.

Before jumping in tony hot yoga class, do your homework. Find a yoga studio which has a professional instructor. Walk out of the room if it is too damn hot. Lastly, always remember to be safe.