Effective Back Pain Therapy Enables You to Function Again

back pain

Many people have lower back pain at some time in their lives. Often it’s the result of easily remedied causes like muscle strains, poor posture, or a lack of exercise and physical conditioning.

But if your back pain is intense and long-lasting, or if the pain spreads down through your legs and causes tingling sensations along with the pain, you should make an appointment with a physiotherapist. They’ll find out the cause and start you on a program of effective back pain treatment.

Chronic Back Pain Requires Treatment

An absence of pain doesn’t mean the problem is solved. Chronic back pain doesn’t just go away on its own. It’s a sign of a definite problem. And your back is too important to try different ‘remedies’ until you find one that eases your pain.

Your back is resilient. It can handle a lot of issues and still perform its duties of aiding in your mobility and carrying your weight. But if it’s damaged, it will stay damaged until it’s given the proper treatment that allows it to heal.

People who walk around holding their back all the time are simply putting off getting treatment. And back problems shouldn’t define who you are and how well you function in your daily life. But many people refuse help because they automatically think that if you have intense and recurring back pain, you must need surgery and a long, painful recovery period is in store.

Very few back problems actually require surgery. Most back pain is caused by soft tissue, joint or nerve problems. Muscles, discs and the areas between joints can become inflamed and cause intense pain. But these problems can usually be treated successfully by a qualified physiotherapist on an outpatient basis.

Back Pain Physiotherapy Treatment

On your first visit to a physiotherapist, they’ll generally focus on relieving the pain you’ve been experiencing. Modern pain reduction methods include the use of shockwaves, lasers and ultrasound equipment to put you at ease quickly.

Once your pain is relieved, the physiotherapist will begin to use clinical massage to loosen and increase the mobility of the soft tissue, joints and muscles in the affected areas. As these areas begin to loosen, you may discover that your range of back motion also increases.

But backs that have been forced to go untreated for a long time won’t achieve a full range of motion yet. The physiotherapist will have to work with you over time to gently increase the range of motion little by little until the full range can be achieved without a recurrence of any pain.

Completing the process involves teaching the patient the correct posture and movements and strengthening the back to prevent the problem from recurring.

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