Fashion Jewellery All the Rage

Superior Style

Hands up, who still thinks bingo is for pensioners only?  Who keeps their online bingo addiction a secret?  Who would secretly love to celebrate their birthday in a bingo hall?  I would hazard a guess that a large proportion of you answered yes to at least one of those questions.  There is no need to be embarrassed, though, because bingo is back in fashion!  Yes, that’s right, along with lots of other nineties throwbacks, it is once again cool to have ‘legs eleven’ and a ‘full house.’

Adorn Yourself in Lucky Charms

You only have to search online for bingo jewellery to find a whole array of wares from bracelet charms to earrings.  Maybe you have had a lucky streak and you want to ensure you keep on winning with a lucky charm.  Or maybe you really want to celebrate your substantial bingo win with a new piece of jewellery.  Well what could be better than a kitsch bingo necklace or some bingo ball earrings?

It is really easy to follow the resurgence of the nineties trends at the moment and you can make your style even more retro by including bingo paraphernalia.  The revival of the choker in the celebrity fashion world has made this a really popular accessory for 2016 with celebrities such as Rihanna sporting intricate metal pieces. Yours doesn’t have to be so serious though; you could be a little tongue in cheek and make yours completely unique by attaching a cute little bingo card charm.

The great thing about bingo jewellery is that it’s really original and unique so if you’re a fan of standing out from the crowd this is certainly one way to achieve it.  Making jewellery has always been a fine art of the crafting community and it seems loads of them have managed to get their hands on vintage bingo accessories such as numbered balls and wooden markers.  It’s rare that your new piece of jewellery will be identical to anyone else’s!

Let Your Hair Go Wild

Nineties hairstyles either involved the ‘Rachel’ look or accessorizing to the max.  The latter is great if you haven’t got time to style your hair; just pin it up with butterfly clips (much better quality ones are available these days!) or tie it up in a scrunchy.  Thanks to the rise in popularity of bingo you can now get some great bingo themed fabrics and a quick online ‘how to make’ search means you could have a bingo themed scrunchy in no time.  You could even get a cute giant bingo bow clip or even a bandana, now that’s true nineties chic.

One hairstyle which was often reserved for the brave or eccentric nineties fashionistas was braided hair.  This style was really popular in the grunge circles, particularly as it was an excellent reason not to wash your hair every day and it still looked great!  If you want to go in full throttle with this trend why not accessorise your braids with wooden or coloured beads or even some vintage bingo balls.  Just remember to avoid doing a Monica and tie your hair up to prevent injury!

Patch Up Those Holes

If you were a nineties child I can almost guarantee you owned at least one item of clothing with a patch on it.  Most likely a patch dedicated to your favourite band of the moment or something cute like a big smiley face.  Unlike in the olden days, you didn’t need a big gaping hole in your jeans to warrant one either, it was just the cool thing to do.  Well good news, along with the resurgence of denim jackets and rucksacks is the revival of the patch.  They’re notably cooler than their predecessors – some look like tattoos or declare a political message whilst others stick to the failsafe themes of band names and cartoons.  If you’re a bingo fan you can even buy a bingo card patch or a bingo ball in a variety of colours.

Pin badges go hand in hand with patches and are also enjoying a bit of a comeback.   With DIY and crafting being really on trend at the moment it’s easy to find a badge that you like, with themes ranging from the common to the outright bizarre.  There’s a whole host of videos and blogs out there dedicated to teaching you how to make your own bespoke accessories and most of them won’t break the bank either.  Why not make yourself an ‘I love bingo’ badge and be proud of your favourite pastime.  In fact, you don’t really have to be a bingo fan at all, if you love fashion and being on trend then these are brilliant ways to join in with the fashion pack and have fun with your accessories.