The Complete Guide to Revamping Your Wardrobe This Spring


Every spring there is a sense of rebirth. You can reinvent yourself in ways that those failed New Year’s Resolutions never did. One of the best ways to start this reinvention is to deep clean and spring clean your home.In doing so, you physically get rid of the old and welcome the new, giving you a fresh start year after year. If you haven’t committed a spring clean in awhile, however, this year is your time to shine. Your wardrobe, in particular,should absolutely be picked through so that you can get rid of the clothes that are holding you back and reinvent yourself as the woman you’ve always dreamed you could be.

Go Through Your Entire Closet

The first step to building up a great wardrobe is to audit the one you have now. Sort through all of your clothes into th reepiles:

  1. Keep Pile
  2. Maybe Pile
  3. To Go Pile

The Keep Pile should be full of clothes you love, are fault-free, and that you wear often. The May be Pile should be for clothes you love that you don’t usually wear or have minor defects that you can mend. To Go is everything else, and you should donate, sell,or recycle them.

Where to Discard Your Unwanted Clothes

Clothes that are in good condition can be either sold on to new loving homes or donated. Clothes that don’t fit that criteria can be recycled. If it is a solid material like cotton, it could even be remade into a new shirt,but if it is a mixed material, it will instead be torn up into scrapes and used as insulation.

Tips for Choosing New Clothes You’ll Love

When buying new clothes you want to be very critical before you buy. It is all too easy with the affordable prices of today to just keep buying clothes, but unless you follow these tips, you will only end up with a closet full of things you don’t wear again.

1.    Ensure Your Clothes Fit and Flatter

The first rule of fashion is that you have to like how you look in your clothes. If you buy something with the hope that you will lose weight, then stop. This is a very harmful activity that doesn’t help anyone, much less yourself. Instead, shop at stores whose goal is to make you look great exactly as you are. Froxx, for example, offers many beautiful plus size designs. Unlike sizes in the middle-market fashion crowd, these clothes are designed for your body shape.

2.    Give Yourself 48 Hour Cooling Off Period

When buying new, try to give yourself two days between seeing an item and buying it. If it’s worth going back for, then you know you’ll love it. If the item is on sale,ask yourself if you would buy it at full price; if yes, get it! Fashion is self-expression at its core, and if your wardrobe wasn’t telling the right story, then it’s holding you back. Clear out the clutter and shop smarter in the future so that you are in charge of your own narrative.