When you’re a plus-sized girl, shopping is rarely fun. It seems like as soon as your pant size hits the double digits, the number of fashionable options you have at the average store plummets. This is doubly true when you’re shopping for swimsuits. Even though full figured women are the average, most stores don’t cater to larger women. It doesn’t feel great knowing that your body type isn’t worth the same style and selection as those who claim single digit pant sizes.

Chances are you’ve given up on shopping for swimsuits completely. If you have, it’s time to get back in the saddle. The problem doesn’t lie with you or your body, it’s the way retailers carry, market, and distribute their clothing. Change is coming—albeit slowly. More and more mainstream retailers are beginning to carry a variety of sizes in swimwear, including plus sizes. But these suits tend to ring up at a higher price, and they’re still far more challenging to find on the rack of a big box store than, let’s say, a measly size 2.

This doesn’t mean those who wear a 28 are condemned to wearing ill-fitting, unfashionable, or expensive swimsuits. Instead of hopping from store to store, shop for your swimwear online. While retailers are struggling to catch up with the curvaceous needs of full figured women, the Internet is already there. From the comfort of your laptop, smartphone, or tablet screen, you can find a beautiful swim suit designed by well-known fashion icons like Michael Kors, Becca ETC, and Jessica Simpson. Whether you’re a pear, apple, or inverted triangle, you can find a flattering style that’s perfect for your body type, especially now that the fashion world is finally embracing plus sizes.

The best thing about shopping online is the price. You won’t have to deal with the same inflated price points that those rare in-store plus sized swim suits have. Online, you can easily find reasonably priced swim suits, and they’re often subject to sales. Check out the swimsuitsforall clearance items and special deals to see what type of savings you can get on top of their already low prices. You don’t even have to drag your preferred style and color into your shopping cart to see how the sale applies. All prices are advertised right underneath the swim suit’s picture.

Stop wasting your time and money by going to the same old stores to find your plus sized swim suit. Head online to find flattering pieces like tankinis, skirtinis, full piece, and high waisted bikinis. It’ll make shopping as a plus-sized girl fun again.

By tbb