4 Affordable Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

married couple

The concept of a ‘date night’ for already married couples who have been living together for a number of years is a relatively new one and immediately became a shorthand way of describing a night whereby a couple deliberately set aside to spend quality alone time together.

Here are some fabulous ideas for date nights for married couples that won’t break the bank!

1.   Watch The Sunset

There is no more simultaneously affordable and absolutely beautiful couple’s activity than watching the sunset together with a glass of chilled wine on a warm evening. Whether you pack the car with a warm picnic blanket and some fresh strawberries and cream or, if children or other responsibilities mean that you are unable to leave the house, lay a blanket outside the backyard and make a night of it.

2.   A Self-Care Night

Arrange a date night whereby you remove and ban any electronic equipment whatsoever be that smartphone, computers, televisions and even radios and instead spend time communicating with each other in the traditional conversation way.

Create affordable home-made face masks with fresh cucumber slices and moisturizers and freshly launder two fluffy dressing robes to relax in. If you are lucky enough to have a bath at home, create a relaxing and scented bubble bath for the pair of you to start off your couples self-care date night. Finish off the night in a candle-lit sitting room with an affordable lovesac alternative beanbag to drink the evening away together and relaxed.

3.   Cook A Three-Course Meal Together At Home

There is a plethora of ways that cooking a meal together as a couple can be a intimacy-inducing and altogether enjoyable and bonding experience. Food is directly linked to memories, so the preparation and cooking of an entire three-course meal makes for an interactive experience, working together towards a common goal that you can both enjoy.

Cooking together with your significant other will strengthen your bond between each other as well as improve your communications and sensory instincts when relating to each other.

4.   Couples’ Game Night

Arranging a games night together for your next date night is as simple as fetching a ladder and grabbing down all your boxed board games and card games.

If you are a particularly organized type of person, you could even draw up a games board with a schedule of the different types of games you intend on playing and even a score board for some healthy couple’s competition.

Playing board games together will encourage fun and carefree banter and conversation and is a great way to spend some quality time together with no serious undertones.

Additionally, as long as you and your family have amassed a collection of various board games, you may not even have to spend any money whatsoever. Prepare some snacks and alcohol (if you so desire) to nibble on throughout the evening and have a fun-filled night of games, fun and togetherness.