Few items in your closet have quite as much versatility as the little black dress. It’s simple, elegant and can be dressed up or down however you like. Such as classic, multipurpose item begs for a lot of styling possibilities. If you’re running out of ideas to accessorize, you might need a few suggestions to keep in your sartorial toolbox. Try one of these ways to wear your little black dress the next time you’re feeling a little fashion-challenged.

Black Dress

Match With a Printed Coat

In the book “Dress Your Best: The Complete Guide to Finding the Style That’s Right for Your Body,” fashion expert Stacy London advises readers that if they plan to wear black, to do so “deliberately.” In other words, a black piece of clothing should not be meant as a mere supporting player in your ensemble. Keeping this in mind, matching your LBD with a printed coat can give your style some real mileage. Remember that the length of your jacket should be shorter than the length of your frock.

Pair With Bold Jewelry

If you’re wondering about jewelry for your black dress, remember that your goal is a unified effect with vivid focal points to draw the eye. Mixing up your LBD with a chunky statement necklace or a bold bracelet are always good moves. You might even try a pair of chunky earrings as an alternative. Nevertheless, it’s wise to select just one large piece of jewelry to add to your look. Any more than that, and you risk over-accessorizing.

Add Some Edge With a Moto Jacket

A little black dress and a tough-looking motorcycle jacket naturally go together. The commonly shared color palette makes the combo look edgy and stunning at the same time. It’s an easy look to rock, and it takes little effort to throw together. All you need is a pair of great shoes and a bag—even the jewelry is optional—and you’re out the door and fabulous in no time.

Make Your Shoes the Focal Point

Another ingenious way to style your LBD is to wear it with an eye-catching pair of shoes. Depending on how simple your frock is, it will allow your footwear a chance to take center stage. Add a pair of over-the-knee boots and a long coat to your LBD, and you have instant glamor. Mix with an audacious statement sandal, and you’ve got the perfect look for a warm weather date night.

Experiment and Make Your Own Discoveries

These aren’t the only ideas to rock your little black dress, but they’re a good place to start. Whether you’re going for demure for daytime, a sexy look for an evening out, a gritty urban look or classy and understated, the LBD gives you a lot of sartorial options. In crafting new looks, you’re only limited by your imagination and time.

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