Pokimane no makeup lookPokimane no makeup

Makeup is an art that makes your Look garnished and beautiful. It hides your bad spots and glitters your skin. Proper makeup makes you younger and makes you beautiful.  Celebrities cannot think about their day and outing without makeup. But sometimes, celebrities surprise their fans by coming out without makeup. Pokimane No makeup Look got viral on social media. Pokimane is a prominent celebrity with millions of fan followers. Today we share some photos of Pokimane No makeup Look and will know more about her.

Pokimane no makeup streaming

Pokimane as Streamer

Pokimane, one of the most recognized streamers, experiments with the Vtube format and replaces her body with a 3D anime model. Is this the beginning of a change in the way streams are consumed?

The renowned streamer Imane Any, better known as Pokimane, is perhaps the first great western figure to experiment with the world of Vtube. It is a form of streaming that “replaces” the protagonist with a virtual anime icon, and when she started doing it for her 5.5 million subscribers in mid-September, it seemed like the beginning of something. This Japanese genre is a phenomenon in Asia, but now it is slowly beginning to appear on the Pacific side.

Pokimane no makeup streaming

Pokimane Experiment

The Pokimane thing was an experiment, and it’s unlikely to become the norm for a scene where the streamer’s face is as important as its content. However, Any assures that she will continue to use her anime-style avatar on several occasions, especially when working without a camera. ” No-cam streams are very comfortable. Especially since, I don’t know, sometimes you get tired of people commenting on you. I’d rather you comment on this adorable anime girl drawing, did you see? “, He commented on his stream. It is in line with previous practices, such as going on camera with No makeup, which directly impacts their views and lowers their visits by up to 20%.

Pokimane No makeup Look

Here are some photos of the pokimane no makeup look photo we collected from her Instagram.


Crisis of COVID-19 and the context of a global pandemic, not every streamer is in the mood to appear before appearing on cam. This group, especially women who receive the most pressure in this regard, are the ones who would benefit the most from normalizing the practice of Vtubing. Of course, each model costs between $ 500 to $ 2,500, depending on how much detail you want.

Image source: Instagram

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