How to Give Gifts they will Love

gift idea

Giving gifts is great, whether it’s a birthday, a special occasion or a holiday, everyone loves to give gifts and everyone loves to receive them,so that is a bonus, but, what do you do if you are struggling to find and give gifts that you know they will not only like, but love. To find the perfect gifts, you need to go back to basics. You need to establish what the recipient loves and then try and add an element or two of this into your gift. For example, if you know they love birdwatching in the garden, then why not get them a new mosaic birdbath or feeding station?

Giving a unique gift

Unique and personal gifts show that you love someone, and they show that you care, mainly because they are personal to them. From old t-shirts turned into blankets at to personalized cups for their morning cup of coffee. A unique gift is something that they will cherish, hold on to, and remember for many years to come. When it comes to finding unique gifts, you could hit the stores, or you could look online for smaller independent businesses that sell beautifully made pieces such as handmade bunting for the kitchen or book stands for the living room.A gift can come in any shape or size; the main thing is that the gift is well thought out and that it has the recipient in mind at the time of purchase.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget the wrapping. If possible, get your gift wrapped nicely, as presentation matters, and receiving something that is beautifully and carefully wrapped will always look better than something that is just stuck in a bag.

Share the Love

Perhaps the recipient of your gift has stated that they don’t want any more stuff for their home, so what do you focus on then? Well, if you don’t want to give a physical gift, you could always look a bit further and focus on buying something that gives back. From planting trees in the rainforest to virtually adopting sick and abandoned animals, there is plenty of voluntary non-for-profit organizations that will provide the recipient with monthly and annual updates in return for you doing some good and donating money.

Go Handmade

Handmade or handcrafted gifts are truly one-of-a-kind pieces; there will never be two pieces that are exactly the same, so take this into consideration and think about whether the recipient might like to receive a handmade or handcrafted gift made by your fair hands. If you choose to make something remember that it doesn’t have to be fancy or over the top, it can just be something like a photo album filled with all of your favorite photos of them. Or you could try to make handmade soaps and bubble bath treats that will allow them to have some all-important me time. Whatever you decide to do, the main thing to remember is that you are making everything with love and that is something that cannot be purchased from any store.