Phuket is a wonderful holiday spot for a much needed getaway. It has so many great things that make this slice of paradise special. Maybe one of the best things is its size. It’s a big island. However just small enough that you can get a central home base and take incredible day trips island hopping from one to the other. All this and be back home at your villa for tea. When you stay in a villa in Patong you will be treated like royalty with incredible service, a luxury home with all the features and amenities and a private pool. Outdoor dining areas, a private chef, a cinema room, spa like bathrooms and luxurious bedrooms with large modern beds. Sounds like the perfect holiday away from the cold weather and hustle of everyday life.



  1. Phang Nga Bay


Here is an alluring but protected island. It has the most diverse landscape of all the islands. With hard to miss striking limestone cliffs puncturing the waters and the sky. These create ancient cave systems home to a variety of animals and insects. Hire a kayak to explore the magnificent structures, some must visits are Bat cave and Diamond cave. The best part is the pristine golden beach to relax the day away before moving onto the next island. Phang Nga Bay Island is located between the Malay Peninsula and Phuket. From Phuket you can get there if you hire a car or take a longtail boat. The Marine National Park is especially interesting if you want to see hundreds of species of birds and marine animals. Or if you’re the adventurous type then rafting and trekking at Khao Lak is something you should check out. After a long day of water adventure or just lounging, either way it works up an appetite. Head over to the Bang Niang market to indulge in street food and local snack shopping.


  1. Racha Islands


Racha Yai island has a smaller cousin island, Racha Noi, and together they form the Racha Islands. Koh Racha Noi is a remote island with a breathtaking beach front. It has striking landscape views and a sense of tranquillity. The waters are a shimmering azul colour and the sand is a pristine white. You can find these islands just thirty kilometres from Phuket. There is a ferry boat that leaves from Phuket every hour. If you’re into water sports then visit the east coast bay for diving and snorkelling. Whenever you are in the water be sure to look for the exotic species of fish and turtles while swimming or boating.



  1. Ko Hong Island


A cluster of four islands that are particularly known for their majestic limestone formations. These structures, when juxtaposed next to the white sandy beaches and the green waters feel like a beautiful alien planet. It gives a feeling of being secluded from the chaos and noise of the world just beyond the rocks. The Island is located off the coast of the popular Krabi island, just forty kilometres from Phuket. The island can be reached by a long tail boat that takes forty five minutes or by a  speedboat that can do the distance in half the time. While on Hong island you must visit Thanbok Koranee National Park for some incredible snorkelling and swimming with the multitude of colourful fish.



  1. The Similan Islands


This group is famous for its majestic rock formations that are covered in thick, lush forests. The massive boulders that are placed in the waters form intriguing crevices for sea life to live and divers to explore. This is the farthest island of the island hopping itinerary. The Similan Islands are located around eighty five kilometres from Phuket. But that is ok, because in just over an hour by speedboat you will get your feet in that warm golden sand. If you want to see more of the sea and the coastline, then consider taking a four hour long ferry ride. The swimming, diving and snorkelling here are some of the best. You can swim along with many exotic fish like leopard sharks and manta rays and get a glimpse of the majestic coral reefs. At the end of the day head up to the view point for an incredible sunset.

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