Throughout history, people have been drawn to bodies of water. Whether it’s a vast seashore, a flowing river, or a country lake, large bodies of water have a calming and peaceful effect on all of us.

Booking a stay at a riverside hotel in Nonthaburi allows you to take advantage of this calming and peaceful influence and enjoy a relaxed stay while you’re in Bangkok for work or pleasure. Nonthaburi provides the perfect area to stay in the city. It’s close to the central business district of Bangkok, and Don Muang Airport, but offers less noise, pollution, and traffic.

Another Side of Bangkok

Booking a hotel along the Chao Phraya River offers a glimpse into another side of Bangkok. Life along the river tends to be more relaxed and healthy. People who choose to stay in a modern hotel along the river are generally looking for the perfect balance between the old and new Bangkok.

They want to experience watching the sunset over the river at the end of a busy day by the side of an expansive swimming pool while spending quality time with business colleagues or family members. Looking out over the river is infinitely preferable to looking out at an expressway or the crowded buildings of the city. Listening to the hushed murmur of the boats going by on the river also beats the intrusive city traffic sounds of sirens and car horns.

Healthy Place to Enjoy Your Stay in Bangkok

You want to stay in a hotel in Bangkok that encourages enjoyment of the outdoor tropical environment. You also want to visit an area of the city that offers cleaner air. If you’re into staying healthy while you travel, The Riverine Hotel& Residence offers the perfect place to stay in Nonthaburi.

The Riverine is located right on the shore of the Chao Phraya River and offers the ideal lifestyle for business or pleasure travelers who like to stay in shape while they’re on the road. Riverine Hotel & Residence is located right next to its partner business, the Riverine Sports Club. This is a 5,000 sqm facility that offers tennis, squash, badminton, basketball and yoga. It also features a modern indoor fitness center that has both cardio and weight training zones. After your workout, relax in the 50-meter-long swimming pool beside the river or take a sauna or steam bath.

The restaurant serves delicious Thai cuisine, seafood and international food and provides a breathtaking view of the river. And the hotel has six fully-equipped function and conference rooms with state-of-the-art AV equipment that hold from 40 to 120 people. It’s the ideal location for a business conference, as well as a romantic riverside venue for a wedding.

For travelers looking for something special in a Bangkok hotel, book your next stay at the Riverine Hotel & Residence. Enjoy modern surroundings beside the tranquil grandeur of the Chao Phraya River. It will become your favorite hotel in Bangkok.

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