How You Can Be a Good Neighbor


Are you moving to a new area? It can be an exciting and stressful time. Many thoughts can go through your head like, “will the neighbors like me?” or “how can I leave a good impression?” It is not so hard to start off on the right foot with your new neighbors. Some of them might even come by and say hello when you are moving in. There are just a couple of rules that you may follow to keep everything smooth in your new community. These are being aware of your animals, checking with your Homeowner’s Association, and being a kind individual.

Be Aware of Your Pets

New pets can mean new friends in a neighborhood, but you must make sure everything is safe. The first step is keeping up with your vaccines. If you need one, Vet Products Direct sells cat vaccines online. So, you can mark that off your list.

The next step is making sure your pets play well with others. If you and your neighbor both have a dog, it may be wise to put them both on a leash when introducing them. The last thing you want is for them to not get along.

Check With Your HOA

You may not have a Homeowner’s Association. If you do, then they will be a wealth of knowledge for you fitting into the new community. They will have a list of ways to maintain your house so that it does not stick out and ruin the aesthetic of the neighborhood. These can include lawn maintenance, color schemes, decorations, or other things that may surprise you.  Your neighbors will probably thank you for keeping with the overall theme. As a bonus, you could make some new friends with the members of the group. If the association has volunteer events, you may consider signing up for them. It may take one of your weekends, but it would be a great first impression. Joining a community takes time, so do not get discouraged if it takes a while for them to warm up to you.

Be Kind

This is a good general rule for life, but more so when it comes to introducing yourself to people you will be living alongside. Be a kind person. This can be accomplished in simple acts like offering to check on your neighbor’s house when they are on vacation or watering their plants. You can bake extra cookies and bring them by or invite the people around you over for a potluck. Keeping dietary needs in mind, this could be a great way to make new friends. Nothing brings a community together faster than food, and a little kindness goes a long way.

With everything going on, your move may let things fall to the wayside. Just remember that through it all, you must keep your animals in mind, find out if there is a Homeowner’s Association, and be a kind person. Do not worry so much. If you follow these rules, everything should fall into place, and you will be a valued member of your new community in no time.