Necessary Equipment for Motorcycling in Inclement Weather


Equipping For The Ride Correctly

If this is your first time hitting the road on your motorcycle, then you need to make sure that you’re properly equipped. Unless you have a few friends who have ridden before, you might not know exactly what to expect. This article will make sure that you are prepared for any type of weather by offering a few motorcycle gear items that you should have in your inventory at a given moment.


Have you ever heard of a balaclava? You’ve likely seen them without knowing what they’re called. These are the type of masks that completely cover your face except for your eyes. They also have a long length, so that your neck is protected from the cold temperature, too. This form of a mask is perfect for riding when temperatures start to drop. It can keep your entire head and neck warm with one simple clothing item. You can also easily tuck the balaclava beneath your jacket or coat for further protection.

Dickies And Gaiters

Another must-have to keep yourself warm on your ride are dickies and gaiters. These are similar to the balaclava except that it’s basically split into two parts. The gaiters primarily protect and keep your neck warm. So, if you have a helmet already that does a good job of keeping your face warm, then you only may need a gaiter to keep your neck warm. Dickies, on the other hand, cover your neck, shoulders, and your chest area. This wide range of protection from the colder temperatures is an excellent choice.

Heated Vests

For those who don’t let cold temperatures dictate when you ride, you need a heated vest. These vests wrap tightly around your form and heat your body either through a battery or by twisting it and activating the heat packs inside of it. Comfort is an important part of safety. Be safe with this equipment.