At the end of a hard day at work, your mood may be past the point of saving. Your body is tense with stress and anxiety, and you aren’t able to physically or mentally unwind. While you could use exercise or a glass of wine to help you calm down, incense can also be a powerful tool for relaxation. You can find many different scents online when you search for kratom for sale, and the following scents are known for the ability to release particles that encourage relaxation.


Coming from a little white flower, jasmine is said to bring feelings of joy for those that use it. As an incense, it can calm the mind while reducing feelings of depression. Though it does promote relaxation, it can also keep your mind alert. This encourages you to still be active but with purpose and without stress.


Many people use chamomile tea as a way to unwind at the end of the day, but burning incense with this scent can produce feelings of comfort and warmth. This also comes from a flower, which looks similar to a daisy.


Within Buddhist temples, sandalwood is commonly burned to help promote relaxation in temple worshippers. Many will choose to burn this scented incense in their home to induce feelings of peace and serenity. There are several different types of sandalwood, each having a unique fragrance and effect.


This purple flower is perhaps one of the most commonly associated herbs with relaxation and stress relief. The mind and body both benefit from burning the scent. When used before bed, it can promote a natural sleep that is said to last longer and be deeper. Lavender is one of the more potent scents and should only be used a little at a time.

Burning incense can be a wonderful alternative to prescription drugs to relieve stress or anxiety. The scents are derived from plants, making them a natural choice without the side effects of medication.