Having a car can be seen as a privilege. While many of us may not think too deeply and what owning a car means, to some, certain cars are a badge of honor, and can provide insight into a person’s lifestyle, personality and preferences. When we see a BMW or Audi driver, we think upmarket and successful business people; if a car is sleek black or silver, we make the connotations of elegance, while pink, baby blue and mellow yellow is fun and often associated with women who enjoy an upbeat and quirky lifestyle. Cars are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, as much so as they are designed to be functional (and even eco-friendly). Here’s why owning a car is much more than practicality.

Cars are big in the fashion world

Fashion and cars have always been intertwined, and cars have entered notable style campaigns in the last few years. Media giant The Financial Times has found a clear link between clothes and cars: they both connect with people on a level without words. Like owning the latest trends and treating yourself to upmarket clothing, saving up for a state-of-the-art car can be top of the list for many fashionistas.

Give off a great first impression 

The first thing many people will see of you is your car. This is why it’s important in forming part of your image. Whether that be cool and collected, or suave and sophisticated, your choice of car says a lot about you. Color plays a huge role in this process, and has always been the deciding factor on what car people choose to go for. For example, classic colors like white, blue and silver are some of the most elegant you can choose from; red implies loud and vibrant.

For more tech-savvy consumers, the make and model of the car is just as important, if not more. Though newer cars are often the choice of many, used cars can provide more variety, especially when you go with an esteemed car retailer like Autotrader. Here, you can find vintage gems as well as more popular, modern cars, such as the Golf 7 GTI for sale to help you complete your look. Those who are sporty will want to treat themselves to a refined model of car, but you don’t have to break the bank when doing so.

You can make it yours 

Taking the leap into buying a new car can be daunting. There are so many options out there to choose from, making it harder for you to pick one that reflects you. Yet, as with a new house, it might not be perfect from the get-go. You don’t have to buy a new car to make it yours. In fact, you could personalize the one you have. If you want to inject your personality into your car, there are a few small changes you can make that will end in the car version of you.

Custom number plates have always been popular, and lots of people create them every year to make their cars just right. Not only this, but you can buy furry seat covers, bright stickers, and funky air fresheners from many retail outlets both in store or online. These will all add a pop of color to the interior of your car.

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