Girls with Glasses: 3 Tips for Applying Lash Extensions

Girls with Glasses

For all you lash experts out there, I’m sure you can agree every client is different, and it’s important to cater to their individual needs when applying their lash extensions. Girls with glasses, specifically, can be the trickiest to work with. According to CBS, 61percent of the population now wear glasses, with women being more likely than men.

No matter the complexity, there’s always a good lash training class you can take to learn the various styles and skills to accommodate every client. Here’s a few quick tips to consider when applying lashes to those stylish girls with glasses.

1. Prime Those Natural Lashes Before Application

For those girls with glasses, priming and preparing the natural lashes before you apply the extensions can be even more important to ensure that the lenses don’t interfere with the lash look. First, be vigilant about curling those natural lashes enough so that there’s no chance of them touching the glasses. Then, apply a decent amount of mascara. You may think this is unnecessary but the mascara actually supports the lash glue, helping it to last longer and keep the lashes tight. Having everything remain in place is especially important for those who wear glasses, as even a little loosening can mean the lashes touch the lenses and ruin the whole experience.

2. Consider Individual Lashes or Accent Lashes

Obviously, depending on the look your client wants, you’ll have to choose the appropriate style of lashes. However, as a general rule for spectacle-wearers, opt for individual tramadol online lashes as you can customize the placement of them — a super helpful trick to avoid the lashes touching the lenses. It’s also easy to adapt as you can apply less for those women who want a more natural look, and add more for a little bit of drama. Accent lashes are also great for glasses as they are applied only to the outer edge of the eye, avoiding the lenses altogether.

3. Choose Wisely When Applying Strip Lashes

If the look your client is after can only be achieved with strip lashes, then there are certain steps you can take to help them out. Strip lashes come in various different styles and lengths. Try looking for the shorter length of strip lashes so they fit comfortably within the lenses. If your client is after a fuller look, you can always apply a longer strip, and either trim them appropriately or use a lash curler to ensure they don’t get squished by the glasses. Remember to think about these things prior to application and discuss with your client what they prefer.

Applying lash extensions to women who wear glasses is just one of the many obstacles you may face as a lash artist. Try following some of these quick tips to help with the right application, and always make sure to keep up with new styles and knowledge that help you cater to your clients in the best way possible.