Jobs in the Health & Beauty Professions with Career Progression Opportunities

Jobs in either health or beauty-related roles offer some career opportunities, whether that’s the ability to move up to more senior positions or to eventually run your own business. It depends on the role what your options are, so if you’re certain that you want to be a business owner in the future, then it would be wise to pick a career that facilitates that.

Let’s look at the job choices in the beauty and health sectors with growth opportunities.

Hair Stylist

The hair stylist often starts in the hair salon washing hair before the stylist gets their hands on the customer to discuss the cut and look that they want. In time, they’re able to learn their trade and get into cutting the hair of either women or men or both.

Depending on the progression through the salon learning through different job roles, it’s possible to eventually become a partner in the business or start an independent salon and, eventually, maybe a chain of hair salons. However, if you want to style hair because that’s what’s most enjoyable, then that’s fine too.


A nurse takes care of patients and has many career options. Once qualified as an RN, they can travel to different states (or abroad) to work in various hospitals and healthcare facilities. It’s not necessary to stay in one city or state if that’s not desirable.

Studying for an online nursing degree at Norwich University allows a graduate to advance through the ranks. Using the online masters in nursing program to get ahead opens leadership positions, strategic planning roles within nursing, and other senior healthcare positions that command a substantial salary.

Beauty Nail Technician

The beauty nail technician usually works in a small nail salon providing manicures and nail beauty treatments to women. Working with customers one-on-one, it tends to be a friendly environment with more interaction than hair styling.

Beauty technicians can go out independently by finding customers and visiting their customer’s home to complete their work. Quite often, the more successful nail technicians are artists who create unique nail designs that gain a strong reputation through marketing on Instagram, Pinterest, and elsewhere, which brings new clients to their business.

Makeup Artist

Most makeup artists work independently, but some have ongoing jobs with movie studios and other media companies that have an ongoing requirement for their services. Bear in mind that there are different kinds of makeup. The type of makeup used on a movie set is different to that in a music video or on stage. Makeup runs under hot lights, so the requirements are not the same.

A talented makeup artist often has an excellent long-term career when they’ve built up enough regular clients to sustain themselves.

Jobs in either the beauty or health professions tend to provide plenty of people contact. Whether making people feel pretty or healthier, both industries are rewarding in their own way. In most cases, there’s also the opportunity to work more independently or to start your own business if you so choose.