Achieve your weight loss goals


Phentermine is a weight loss drug generally prescribed to the obese and overweight individuals. This is to be used on short term basis. Also, the individuals, who have health concerns associated with their weight, are prescribed with Panbesy. The individuals with diabetes or high cholesterol are also prescribed with this pill.

The Panbesy 30mg is a brand of the weight loss pill Phentermine. If the individuals fail to lose their weight using traditional methods including exercise or dieting, then they can achieve their desired amount of weight or rate of weight per week by taking this pill along with that. The individuals can buy this pill online without any prescription. The use of this drug is safe to be used, so as to receive it in a correct dosage. The individuals must talk to a doctor before starting taking it.

It has been observed that the products containing Phentermine are considered as a controlled substance of schedule IV. They have minimum risk of being addictive. Panbesy reacts on the central nervous system of an individual. This works as an appetite suppressant, which is helpful in limiting the calories to be consumed. The reduction in the intake of calories leads to conversion of the stored fat in the body to energy, which thus leads to weight loss.

Recommended dosage:

This pill is available in different milligram strength in Singapore including Panbesy 15 mg, Panbesy 30 mg, etc. the individuals must consult a doctor to know about the correct dosage. They can prescribe their patients with the correct dosage. The individuals are prescribed with the Panbesy pills to take it on short term basis, basically up to 3 months. Most of the individuals are generally recommended with Panbesy 30 mg dosage to be taken in the morning before or immediately after the breakfast.

How much weight can be reduced on intake of Panbesy 30 mg?

The extent of losing weight depends on several factors including the adoption of a new lifestyle. This also includes eating a healthy diet constituting lean protein and produce good fats along with exercising at a moderate speed for at least 3 to 5 days in a week. The individuals can read the reviews of the users in Singapore, which are pleased with their before and after photos as well as their success stories. Most of the individuals, who have used alternative pills containing Phentermine, reported an average weight loss of 3 to 5 lbs in a week.

Legality of Panbesy

Buying Panbesy 30 mg online without any prescription is illegal and unsafe for the individuals. This is for two main reasons. Firstly, the individual need to talk to the doctor, who will review his medical history and tell him, whether the product is safe for him or not. Secondly, the individuals, if not purchasing the products from a licensed pharmacy, he cannot assure that the product to be used is composed of safe ingredients. The individuals must be cautious of taking this supplement online or from any other pharmacy.