Kids like to wear dress-up clothes and pretend that they are some else. They also like to create works of art that involve everything from markers to paint. A lab coat is an article of clothing that you want to keep in the home for children of all ages as you can get many uses out of it throughout the year. They are ideal for kids in a classroom because they can be worn when they are doing arts and crafts. The coat will keep the paint and other materials off of the clothing so that they aren’t messed up before going home.

Another idea for a kids lab coat is to play dress-up with it at home or at school. It gets the child to use the imagination when playing instead of being on video games all the time or watching television. Children can pretend to be a doctor, scientist or nurse. Kids who are in school can wear a lab coat when they want to let others know about the career that they want to have. You can often find used accessories that children can play with as well, such as a blood pressure cuff or a small doctor’s bag. A lab coat can be worn on Halloween to a party or when children go out to trick-or-treat. You can design the coat in a number of ways instead of just a plain doctor’s uniform. Splatter a little fake blood on the coat and the rest of the body for a zombie look. You could also dye the coat in a different color so that it’s a fun piece of clothing for Halloween or a party at school.

Disposable lab coats work well if there is a large group of children using them. It could be a group at church who is in Vacation Bible School or a group in preschool who is playing with paint and markers. Instead of washing the coats, you can just throw them away so that children can have a new one when they are ready to use the materials another day. Disposable lab coats are also a good idea for wearing while helping around the house so that they can feel like a professional cleaner.

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