Ways to Transform Your Bedroom into a Retreat


We are fastidious with updating our clothes between seasons, but we often overlook that our home needs a refresher too. The spaces that our friends and family see are more than likely to receive a lick of paint every few years to cope with the wear and tear of busy family life, but the most important room in our lives is usually neglected: the bedroom.

You spend a huge amount of your time in the bedroom, but it’s the room that receives the least consideration. You have a few key pieces of furniture, but beyond that, it is just a matter of keeping your bed linen clean, right? Here are a few inexpensive ways to refresh your bedroom, and transform it from a room you sleep in, into a retreat that provides a real sense of calm and relaxation each night.

Tidy your clothes away

It’s a pain! How often do you fold your clothes, and then leave them on a chair or blanket box to put away later? Or do you leave your freshly laundered clothes in a neat pile in a corner, and wait until it’s time to put them away? Change your habit, and make it part if your nightly routine to make sure your clothes are put away.

Add some greenery

Whether you add a sprig or two of seasonal flowers from your garden, or buy a plant that can grow all year round, the addition of greenery can add a real sense of vitality and color to your bedroom. There are several houseplants that can purify the air that you breathe in, and remove pollutants and chemicals as well as improving the luxe feel of your bedroom. Do remember to think of any allergies you have: there is no benefit to having purified air if it makes you ill!

Invest in some new bed linen

Investing in new bed linen allows you to change the look of the room: you really can follow seasonal changes, and inject some personality. For winter, you can choose darker colors that invite coziness; and for summer, classic 100% cotton sheets can feel cooler on hot summer nights. Companies such as Threel provide a comprehensive and quality range to cater for all tastes and budgets: from 100% cotton, through to luxurious sateen and breathable and eco-friendly bamboo. A change in bed linen enables you to follow all the latest design trends.

Add some softness

The addition of cushions, an extra throw or even a rug adds another layer of coziness and comfort to your bedroom, and can soften the harsh lines of the dominant furniture in the bedroom. Play with the colors you use, but remember that garish and bright colors are probably more suited to other rooms. Using luxury textures such as velvet can elevate your bedroom into a boudoir!

Add some art

Every home usually has unhung pictures or artwork lurking about. Use this opportunity to finally hang them, and update your bedroom. Group smaller pictures together to create a point of interest if you have not got a larger framed piece of art. Lacking artwork? There are some fabulous and inexpensive wall decals that are easy to apply to your space that’ll transform even the dreariest of walls.