Becoming a model is an admirable aspiration and one that many attractive men and women find themselves considering due to the prospect of a promising, enjoyable, and simple career. After all, who wouldn’t want to stand there and get paid for posing and showing off their beauty? If you have what it takes to become a model, you might as well put some effort into trying to make it happen. Sadly, modeling agencies charge exuberant premiums to take care of the marketing and career growth aspect, so operating as an independent is usually the best financial choice for aspiring models on a budget. Of course, creating your portfolio will be one of the biggest steps, so here are a few tips to help you achieve that:

1. Use a Magazine Style Layout and Print

Although models can appear in virtually any kind of media ranging from commercials to movies and posters, typically most models will find a spot in a magazine eventually. In addition to having an online portfolio, it makes sense to make your portfolio look like a magazine, as this will show prospective modeling clients what you’ll look like and how you’ll perform in the context of the job they’d be hiring you for. Consider using a magazine cover maker to give your portfolio a memorable front that tempts people to look into its pages. Plus, the look and feel of magazine paper is much more professional than the standard paper alternative.

2. Cover a Broad Range of Poses, Locations, and Clothing Styles

The primary purpose of your portfolio is to showcase your skills and versatility as a model. To do that you’ll want to amass an extensive collection of photos and/or videos containing various poses, environments, facial expressions, clothing/makeup styles, and effects. Professionals who are in charge of reviewing portfolios and hiring new models will usually be looking for something specific, and having a robust and diverse portfolio puts you in an ideal position to catch their eye.

3. Invest in Professional Photography and Editing

Although it’s possible to achieve great results independently if you’re knowledgeable about photography equipment and editing apps, there’s no denying that a lengthy session with a professional will almost always provide a more optimal outcome. If you’re going for a professional look and you want clients to take your portfolio seriously, it may be worth the money to invest in reputable photography and editing services.

Putting Yourself in a Position to Succeed

Ultimately, the difference between succeeding as a model and wasting your time will largely depend on the quality of your portfolio. If you’re serious about pursuing modeling as a career, it makes sense to put in the same type of effort and monetary investment that you’d commit to any other career. In fact, with modeling being such a lucrative and enjoyable job, you should be prepared to do whatever it takes to get noticed and jumpstart your career. After you’ve created a personalized portfolio based on the above advice, the final step is to distribute it to as many appropriate recipients as you can find.

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