Taking a Look at the Engagement Ring Trends of 2017


Whether it’s your first time getting married, or you’re just window shopping, the allure of an engagement ring can be a powerful thing! It symbolizes commitment, beauty and love – three things that never go out of style. With so many options to choose from, you can feel a bit overwhelmed when considering which engagement ring to select.

Different people have different styles, but it’s not too hard to discern which rings are currently the most popular based on the latest trends. It’s crucial that you consider all of your options before deciding on any one ring. Before you make any financial commitment, take a look at the following engagement ring trends of 2017 and consider whether any speak to your style.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

While the stones in your engagement ring may be the first thing people notice, the quality and hue of the band is just as important. One of the latest trends we’re seeing is increased demand for rose gold bands. One reason why this type of engagement ring is so popular is its toned-down nature: the presence of gold – while alluring – can sometimes feel too gaudy.

The red undertones that balance out this coloration help alleviate some of those concerns, while simultaneously pairing well with a variety of stones, including diamonds. To see an example of this style in action, take a look at this rose gold ring from Adiamor, which is available in both 14 and 18 carats.

A Dash of Color

For the past couple of years, colored stones and accents have been big-name elements in all engagement rings in demand. What we’re seeing in 2017 is no different: colored accents are continuing to feature prominently in the most popular engagement rings. With such a variety of colors to choose from, it’s no surprise that this element is popular. Whether you opt for gold, platinum or silver rings, there are multiple stones that can complement any broader design.

Among the most popular selections, emerald, sapphire and even amethyst continue to be top sellers. Whether you decide to go with a stone that best complements the ring itself or one that symbolizes your future spouse’s favorite hue, adding a dash of color to your engagement ring remains all the rage in 2017.

For inspiration on alternative gems and what each of them signify, check out this page.

Opalescent Rings

You can never go wrong with a diamond engagement ring, but many people in 2017 are opting for an opal-centered ring instead. This particular stone plays on our imaginations and entrances those who look at it with its swirl of mystic colors that can’t be found in any other stone. Particularly visible in full light, opalescent engagement rings take on a life of their own.

Some say that the appeal of an opal is tied to its ability to transform and show the viewer what they love. Whether you are fond of blue, green, pink or white hues, you can easily find them within the center of an opal. The dynamic quality of this stone makes it a symbolic statement for the nature of love and commitment, ever-changing through time but constant in its form and function. How opals are formed is truly intriguing and sets it apart from many other popular engagement ring stones.

Black Gems/Diamonds

Once considered almost taboo, a recent pique in black diamond interest has caught our attention. While bright colors are certainly guaranteed to stand out in a crowd, the allure of a black diamond carries its own gravitas. With so many people expecting light and bright, you’ll surely turn heads with this eye-popping design.

You’ll find numerous references to black diamonds throughout history, featuring prominently in Russian, European and Islamic culture and folklore. The tradition of the black diamond engagement ring dates back more than 500 years, but its popularity with the masses has only surfaced in the past few years or so. This makes 2017 a prime time to invest in one of these rare but dominating beauties.

Halos, Halos, Halos

In 2017, we’re seeing more halos featured in the latest designs than ever before. While your center stone is the obvious focal point, a combination of perfectly set stones can complement or highlight the broader engagement ring when selected carefully.

One common halo-related trend is that aforementioned contrast: for instance, an amethyst ring with an emerald halo make both elements more visible. While you can never go wrong with a diamond-based halo, don’t be afraid to show a bit of style and contrast. For those considering this design, take a look at complementary, analogs and triad color schemes for inspiration.

Ample Side Details

Even though halos are as popular as ever, we’re seeing more and more engagement rings opting to place stones and other features along the side of the band. By placing these stones on the side of the setting, the allure and glistening of the ring can be seen from all sides. As with the main setting, there are numerous stones you can choose from to highlight the band.

These side details are not for everybody, but those who do prefer more bling can definitely find reason to choose this type of design. Even if you don’t prefer stones, there are other designs that jazz up each side of the ring: from custom engravings to embossed features, the sky is limitless.

Triadic Color Schemes

Speaking of triads, more and more people are using this form of color selection to design their engagement rings. Whether you opt for side details complete with stones or a halo, there are plenty of possibilities to consider using this color scheme.

Triadic colors involve three different colors that are equally spaced on a color wheel. Looking at them, you’ll see that purple, orange and green are triadic, as well as red, yellow and blue. Whether you opt for two out of three matching colors or all three, there are plenty of opportunities in many 2017 designs to take advantage of this eye-popping configuration.

A Return to the Timeless

As we mentioned earlier, some engagement rings never go out of style. Many couples opt for rings used by their parents or grandparents, with plenty of sentimental meaning attached to it. However, some shoppers are opting for brand new rings in the same mold.

Simplicity is the key here. While it’s certainly possible to find engagement rings from decades and even centuries past that feature side details and halos, the most common type of timeless engagement ring features a simple band, one stone (often diamond), and a streamlined gold or platinum band.

If you’re thinking toward the future – say, your children or grandchildren using the same ring 50 years from now – then the best bet for a timeless band will probably feature this straightforward design. Learn more about what constitutes a timeless engagement ring by clicking here.

Totally Organic

Many of the conventional norms surrounding engagement bands are being tossed on their head, with an increasing number of people seeking out unique or novel rings. An entire industry on sites such as Etsy has been born, with creators producing rings that utilize everything from wood and glass to metal and more.

One creative set of rings we’ve seen gaining much attention is the Secret Wood collection, which features wood, jewelry resin and a variety of other materials like gold leaf. While not inherently designed to be an engagement ring, this collection symbolizes one of the many trends we’re seeing in 2017: a repudiation of the stereotypical, expensive engagement ring in favor of something more modestly priced yet breathtaking.

Intertwined Bands

One last trend that has been gaining steam in the past few years is the intertwined band design. Featuring one exquisitely designed piece of metal that appears as two or more separate pieces, this elegant design allows for more surface area (and therefore more detail and accents).

Whether you choose to add small diamonds or leave the band plain, this 2017 design will make a statement of its own. We’re seeing this design most commonly associated with white gold and platinum engagement rings, but the twisted or intertwined design will look great with any material. The symbolism of the design – the reality that two lives are now being intertwined into one – also makes a subtle but important statement.

At the end of the day, the statement your engagement ring makes is entirely up to you. Whether you care if people notice or not, the ring should symbolize what truly counts: real love and lifetime commitment. These 2017 trends are influencing which designs are available on the market, but by no means are the only options available. Regardless of budget, you are sure to be able to find these trends manifesting in engagement ring designs at all price points within the market.

We hope that this post has helped inspire you to find that perfect engagement ring and given you insight into what to expect when shopping for that special symbol of commitment. Now it’s entirely up to you to make that big commitment and take the plunge with the one you love!