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Long hair is something to be treasured, but very few women can actually maintain it with the care that it deserves. On the other hand, if you are one of those women who can maintain it, then the whole world of new and old hairstyles simply opens up for you to experiment with.

If you’re still recovering from winter-induced hair hibernation, check out some of the fresh long hair, hairstyles trending this summer in local hair salons of the chicest cities like San Diego.

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The Hun

The Hun or the half-up bun is a popular new hairstyle that brings the best of both worlds together. You can show off your long tresses and add a small bun at the top to add a little variety. Although your hair doesn’t need to be super long for it to work, it helps if you have more to work with.

The hun is the ultimate bad hair day style, and is a celebrity favorite. It has been rocked on and off the red carpet by Amanda Seyfried, Zoe Saldana and any actress looking for an effortless, classy look. San Diego hair salons have mastered this look, so make sure to mention it to your stylist next time you have a special event, be it casual or formal.

Cher Hair

You have probably heard about it and have seen it around a lot too, especially if you live in San Diego or LA, but that doesn’t change the fact that it continues to be one of the best looks for women. Not to be confused with other hairstyles sported by the pop goddess over the years, we are talking about the long, jet black and pointed locks that have recently inspired even the likes of Naomi Campbell, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian was just photographed sporting this look at the Met Gala. Make sure that it’s parted from the middle up top and reaches down, completely straight.

 The Modern Shag

Not exactly the same as the old shag you saw out of hair salons thirty years ago, the modern version dictates that your stylist doesn’t over layer near the crown. Also, the layers need to be more blended than in the original shag. The best part of the modern shag is that it can even be carried well by women with shorter hair. Of course, if you have long hair, it will just have a bit more oomph!

You will see this hairstyle walking out on women leaving some of your most swanky hair salons, in America’s trendiest cities like Los Angeles, San Diego and Seattle.

Glam Bouffant

The bouffant has started trending again because of its classic appeal but it originated back in the sixties. This is just a general category though, and there are multiple variations of the bouffant today, typically depending on your hair salon and even the stylist’s personal taste. However, the bold hairstyle basically revolves around wavy voluminous hair. As this one draws attention easily, be sure to consider multiple options and give it some good thought before choosing something and committing to it.

Long and Tight Curls

Long hair with tight curls can be extremely gorgeous if done right. That’s why it always looks the best after you leave your hair salon. The trick is to add a bit of weight to your hair without making it look too heavy. Your layers will need to be perfectly blended all around the head. Also, since it’s more suited to women with long hair, it’s a good idea to make sure that the layers are kept more on the long side.

If you want to give one of these a try, make sure you go to a hair salon in San Diego where the stylists have decades of experience with all kinds of summer styles. Communicate with your stylist clearly and make sure that he/she understands the look you are going for. Better yet, show them a few pictures of hairstyles you fancy just to make sure that no mistakes are made.

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