Styles for very fine hair on top

It is difficult to recommend styles from a single issue, such as the hair is thin on top. You must take into account other factors, such as face shape, hair texture, pattern ripple, etc. Now, as I really like to try to give you some useful advice, consider the following:

Styles for very fine hair on top

In a thin hair, add -and waves should therefore volume- to look thicker. This is especially useful when the hair has a rough texture and medium or long enough so you can make several loops in the strands. Moreover, in general, it is also usually good in a thin hair, wearing a short hair style. Shorter, lengths, allowing more hair not to separately store and to pile up so as to display the skull.

If the hair on the sides and back of the head is much denser than the top, it is generally best to keep cutting it shorter or a little thinning scissors to balance the volume. A style of short layers in the back and sides with some loops to add volume at the front is good for the balance you need in relation to the thickness of the hair, while it is a flattering style.

If your hair has a fine texture, it follows the same principles, but it would be better if you hikers a larger loops to prevent hair from becoming frizzy to curl. Use a good product strong attachment to give your hair the highest volume and most possible softness to the sides and rear.

Depending on exactly how thin is your hair on top, use products to add volume or to strengthen hair can help a lot. In addition, there are specially designed products to create lift the roots. (The process by which applies spray on hair with styling product and dry it with a hairdryer, while pick it up directly from the scalp and keep stretching and perpendicular to it).

However, if your hair has become too thin at the top, these techniques can hurt you and make it look even thinner. In these cases, you should start thinking about buying wigs and hairpieces to achieve the effect of a denser hair as you want. Today wigs are less expensive and are more natural than very recently, meaning that about 5 or 10 years ago.

By tbb