3 Pubic Hairstyles Men to Know About Besides One Letting the Hairs Grow Naturally


What do you think about styling your pubic hairs? Just like how men demand it to be in women, women has been expecting the same from men. Today, not all women prefer men’s pubic hairs to be naturally grown after all. If your partner does not prefer such style, you should have thought of different styles to try. For that reason, let us suggest you with three possible pubic hairstyles men that might be best for you.

1st Style Option – Bald Pubic Hairstyle for Men

If you can go with all grown style for your hairs down there, you can also go bald as well. As clearly as how it sounds, you will have to remove every single hair growing. While other styles would need shaping and trimming, this won’t be the case with bald style. Practically, there is nothing to shape and trim after all. Still, it is not like you can just leave it be with no maintenance just because there is no hair to take care of to begin with.

Pubic hairs can re-grow, of course. So, it is important to make a routine of removing the stubble and ingrown hairs. Once you do it in regular basis, you should have been able to get the ideal look and style you want. What do we have to do to remove the hairs then? Well, this haircut of pubic hairs can be realized by doing some waxing. However, if waxing is not possible for you, it is not that bad to just shave the hairs yourself at home.

2nd Style Option – Strip Pubic Hairstyle for Men

Preferred style does differ depending on the personal taste of each individual. There are people who think that bare look is shocking. That is why many women prefer men’s pubic hairs to have a little bit of hairs growing on. Thus, the right style to go for would be the strip. As the name suggests, this men pubic hair style appears just like a simple strip. It is one that is often styled right above the pubic area with the rest all removed.

Besides covering a bit of your skin down there, this kind of pubic hairstyles men is the choice if you yourself don’t feel that much confident to go completely bare. Confidence to your pubic part does affect your sexual activities after all. Furthermore, unlike the bald style, there is actually easier maintenance with this strip style here. What can you ask more then? If it matches your needs, go ahead and you will never go wrong with it.

3rd Style Option – Shaped Pubic Hairstyle for Men

To tell you the truth, pubic hairs can be styled in just any shape you want. All you need to do is imagination here. You don’t have to stick to the common styles, like all grown, bald, and strip. If you are willing, it is not impossible to shape your pubic hairs in lightning bolt, smiley, arrow, heart, etc. You’ve got limitless choices for this kind of men hairstyle of pubic, indeed. Well, it does offer good look with imaginative shape.

However, just like what you might have guessed, it requires time, effort, and money to maintain and keep the style in a long term. We can’t expect something cheap from work of art like this, right? To shape the hairs, both trimming and shaving would need to be done here. If you can’t possibly do it yourself, you can always head to salon although you will need to spend more money for it. It is worth to try, so it won’t hurt to do it.


Now you know just what style men can choose for their pubic hairs. Besides the all grown itself, there are bald, strip, and shaped styles to offer. Depending on your needs, either of them should have met your expectations the most whether it is due to the demand of your partner or the wish you have yourself. Go for bare if you are all confident. Pick the strip for easier maintenance. Imagine the shape for unique style. Regardless of your choice, all pubic hairstyles men are worth to consider.