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Staying fit is crucial to your health, your sex life, and general sense of well being. Staying fit is harder than it sounds though. With temptation looming at every corner, it’s extremely difficult to stay committed to your goals.

One way that you can keep yourself completely committed is by telling the world your dreams and aspirations. By doing this, you are held accountable. The best way to go about this is by creating a blog to document your fitness journey.

How to Create a Personal Fitness Blog

A blog can be considered your “outlet” where you can rant about the difficulties you are facing, your tips and tricks, your experiences, or whatever you want. Starting a blog isn’t even that hard. The first thing you have to do is decide on a CMS (content management system). A CMS makes it easy to upload new posts. If you’re new, we suggest using WordPress.

The next step is to purchase reliable cPanel shared hosting which wont cost you more than $5 per month. That’s around the cost of a Venti Latte from Starbucks. You’ll want to make sure that it’s got WordPress one-click install capability with Softaculous so you don’t have to mess around learning too much “techy” stuff.

Ultimately the goal is to get you up and running with your WordPress blog as fast as possible so you can start documenting your fitness journey. Which is why getting a hosting provider that offers WordPress support is the best idea!

After you’ve got your WordPress site up and installed, you’ll want to choose the proper theme. Check out this list of 20 fitness wordpress themes. You want to choose a lightweight theme. The lighter your WordPress theme is (meaning highly compressed images, no clunky javascript, etc) the faster your WordPress page loading time will be. There are many other ways to increase your WordPress page loading time as well.

Benefits of Blogging your Fitness Journey

The benefits of keeping a blog are similar to the benefits you get by keeping a fitness journal. You don’t want to burn yourself out by losing perspective of the final goal. Keeping a blog keeps you accountable. It keeps you aware that the whole world is looking at you. This is a lot of pressure. And if you are the type that thrives under pressure, then go for it. Setup that blog, start documenting your progress, and always stay true to yourself. The key is discipline. Making sure to never miss that workout, meal, or yoga session is great. But making sure that you always blog about it is another thing entirely. And to help keep you on a consistent blogging schedule it’s important to build up a following of subscribers to your fitness blog that will spur you onwards!

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