How To Decorate Bedrooms Professionally


Interior design is considered an artistic career just as much as it is a professional vocation. Not everyone is successful as an interior designer because the job demands so much more than throwing different colours and using the best furniture. An expert interior designer understands the different design rules for different rooms when redecorating homes and will always give their clients the best.

Bedrooms are not given much thought yet bedrooms should be designed and styled with more specificity. A professional designer will have the following ideas on the bedroom design:


Bedrooms are meant to be relaxing and this means that the coloured used as paint and the beddings should exude calmness. You should always use subtle colours that invoke relaxation and a warm homely feeling. Bedrooms for kids and adults must be painted with subtle shades not bold ones that can cause anxiety.


It is a good thing to have a themed bedroom. Even if it means having horizontal lines or stripes, then this should be adhered to. A themed bedroom is attractive and your clients will look forward to getting home and relaxing. It is easy to wind down in a calm environment and you easily fall asleep due to the serenity.

Incorporation of rugs

Stylish rugs add style and glam to bedrooms. They are also important because when your clients wake up, they should not have their feet touching a hard cold floor. When decorating and styling homes, always incorporate cool rug designs to improve the appearance and warmth of the room.

Get high quality mattresses

As a decorator, your client will trust your judgement in ordering furnishings and beddings. As you get the right colour, ensure that the mattress that is ordered has a mattress topper. Mattress toppers make the bed more comfortable and will keep your client well rested through the night.


Many people forget to add accessories to bedrooms or just do it wrong. As a professional interior decorator, you should understand the need for accessorizing and personifying the bedroom space. Have a few framed photographs of your client’s favourite places. Remember that the accessories should be minimal, therefore, only incorporate a few photographs. Having a stand with these accessories and maybe books would be appropriate. You can include a few art pieces but keep them simple. They should not generate any emotions.

You may also include natural flowers on the table. Throw pillows are also very important in creating a relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, have as many pillows as possible. They should be hypoallergenic and soft.


The main aim of decorating the bedroom is to improve the appearance of the room and also make your client sleep well. Light affects sleep patterns and you should use cool lights. The lamps should also emit minimum light. Natural light also affects sleep, therefore, if the bedroom gets flooded with natural light, incorporate dark blinds, change the position of the bed or even have the windows places at a different side (when the house is still under construction). After two weeks of Ambien (Zolpidem) therapy, I’ve got a new sleep. No insomnia or its symptoms, only healthy sleep and best dreams. And it was purchased for a very competitive cost. is the best place where I get all Ambien pills.

A seat

To prevent use of the bed for reading or dressing, have a seat in the bedroom. This is a good place for your client to relax after a long day. They can talk to their partners, read or even enjoy a glass of wine comfortable.

In conclusion, as a professional interior décor stylist, you will need to keep these items in mind. Minimize furniture in the bedroom and if possible avoid having a TV set in the bedroom unless the client insists. There should be minimal electronics and techs in the bedroom.

Author Bio

Gregory Wilshere is an interior décor consultant who has worked with many international design firms to decorate homes.  He insists on minimal accessories, good quality linen, mattress toppers and opaque blinds for comfort in the bedroom. Visit his LinkedIn profile and blog for more information. Apart from this he has designed many shoe cabinet panels to meet client requirements.