Regardless of your age, flaunting that flawless, fresh and natural look is the most sought after secret across the globe. You are probably swarmed with questions of why you are unable to pull it off and how others do or who does their make-up. Good news! You are in on the secrets. Here are the secrets:

Know yourself!

Know your skin type, how to apply make-up and have the best products in hand, then, you will be on your way to that beautiful look.


Hydration is the skins’ best friend. It helps plump the skin from the inside making it plump and beautiful.

Clean Your Face:

When your face is clean and clear, make up will easily blend with your skin. Cleanse and exfoliate gently then tone your skin.


A good moisturizer is non-irritant, light and easily absorbed. It should also contain factors to protect your skin against UV radiation, free radicals and inflammation. A Lotion with all these properties is hard to come by; therefore, natural anti age serum is the best moisturizer. This also retains your graceful natural look. A serum/ moisturizer with a sheer tint warms the skin’s complexion.


If your skin has spots or uneven tones, a concealer that matches your complexion should be used. Dabbing then blending blemishes is essential. Use powder especially if your skin is oily. Avoid the use of lotion if skin is too oily, the concealer and powder will be enough.


Heavy foundation must be avoided. This ruins the natural look.


A little blush with the exact tone as your skin gives off the amazing finish. Apply on the cheeks’ apples, chin, bridge of the nose and the forehead. You should avoid using blushes with shimmer and or glitters. These will wipe off the natural look.


You can avoid the use of mascara especially if you have a natural coloured eye liner and eye shadow. Otherwise, use sparingly.

In conclusion, pulling off a beautiful natural look shouldn’t be a hard task. It’s easy to muster once you keep your skin in the best conditions. Treat your skin with gentleness and love by using products that are non-irritant, with essential oils, and keep your skin clean and hydrated always. It will love you back.

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Sujain Thomas is an expert beautician. She has been featured in numerous Lifestyle magazines. She is also the ambassador for Natural Anti Age Serum line of products that was launched recently. To know more visit our site –

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