Hairstyles for black beauties

black women hairstyles

The hair curly or frizzy unruly and we are sometimes lacking ideas for mettrent beauty. Here are some suggestions styling, simple to perform in mid-length hair. A square is superb curly hair! But attention to the slightest trace of moisture, it becomes crazy and difficult to master.

Here are some ideas for making your hair back into line with ultra-feminine hairstyles.

  • To achieve this hairstyle, carefully untangle your hair.
  • Separate your hair with a parting aside.
  • Then on the back of the head, put a headband that notched, well established in the hair, down to the neck.
  • Roll the hair protruding on themselves before securing with pins on the periphery of this ring improvised.
  • Lacquer for the maintenance.

The grace of this ponytail vaporous based on the contrast of smooth and fluid. Smooth the front of your hair with a hint of hair oil, Monoi and gel, while the back is natural. Gather into a ponytail tied with a pet or a pretty scarf.

Applying the same principle for these two strings, which are flat and contrast volume. The front of the hair is carefully smoothed and coated with frost. It is separated by a line from the side (or middle depending on your taste) before the built-in two braids. For a beautiful finish, use strips fantasies. You can also leave the tip of the air mat.

Here is a chic hairstyle you realize in an instant. Place a small amount of gel wet look (wet look) throughout the hair. Make a ponytail planted high on the top of the head before being wound upon itself to transform itself into a bun cabbage.

A bar knot complement the ensemble.
Braids, Bakala, mats rasta hair can break if they are worn too long.