Great Idea to Add Some Flair to Your Look


As fall quickly approaches, it’s time to say goodbye to the crop tops and bathing suits. You’ll want to trend them in for the blazers and boots instead. However, as you prepare yourself for fall, it’s a great idea to add some flair to your look. Consider these three ways you can switch up your look for the upcoming fall season.

1. Incorporate a new trend.
You don’t want to follow all of the latest trends. You do need to make sure that your wardrobe has a significant amount of classic pieces for stability. However, it is good to add trends for diversity. If chokers are in for the season, pick up a few at a local boutique. If lacy tights are trending, look online for a few pairs in different colors.

2. Pick up a few new shades of lipstick.
A stunning shade of lipstick can do wonders for your face. It’s really nice to try new colors and discover shades that highlight your features even more. If you don’t like the idea of dropping hundreds of dollars on designer lipsticks, head over to your local beauty supply store. Most off-brand beauty supply stores sell lipstick colors for $1 or $2. Take $10 with you and go wild. Take a look at some fashion magazines to find out which shades are trending. Remember that the fall colors will usually work. Colors like plum, gold and deep red will look beautiful on many skin tones.

3. Try a new hair color.
If you’re afraid of the idea of bleaching your hair, don’t worry. There are other options. Instead of using the harsh chemicals to dye your hair, use an all natural hair color to get the look you desire. Understand that with natural hair dyes, you might have to do the process a few more times to achieve the look you want. This is especially true if you have naturally dark hair. However, take it in stages. The benefit of this process is that you won’t strip your hair of natural oils it needs. Plus, you’ll be able to achieve a fancy, new look for the new season.