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Long hair on a woman may look extremely attractive when cared for, but it’s also a lot of hassle to maintain it. If you happen to be a busy woman who just doesn’t have enough time on her hands to take care of that waist-long mane, it’s time to go short because we have a list of ten styling ideas for short hair that you are going to love.

The Layered Pixie

The layered Pixie cut has been in existence for decades and the choppy style still remains as classy and in-fashion as ever. It hardly needs maintenance or extra styling, but feel free to slick it back or intentionally mess it up a little with texturing if you want.

The Asymmetrical Crop

Go for short length layers if you want to get the look here. Simply tuck a few locks of hair behind your ears and let the rest hang loose and you are done! Use the combination of a blow dryer and a medium barrel round brush to add volume to your asymmetrical crop.

The Inverted Bob

You will need to use a medium barrel curling iron to make the top layer wavy and then carefully use your own fingers to separate the two. You can add a few mild highlights for color.

The Grunge

The hair in front needs to be longer than the hair at the back to achieve the Grunge style. It will still be short, but the super short and stacked hair at the back will make the layers in front seem that much longer. Adding a color to the front that’s lighter than your natural hair color is advised.

The Thick Layered Bob

Meant particularly for those that have thick, coarse hair, the thick layered bob concentrates on decreasing thickness from the end of the locks, while allowing your natural volume to do the rest of the work.

Silver Curls

You will stand out with this one instantly and in a good way. Color the top layers of your short hair silver and then create silvery waves with a curling iron. The bottom layers don’t need too much attention here.

Flipped Pixie Layers

After you get your pixie cut, add volume to your hair with a blow dryer, before curling a few locks of hair at contrasting angles. Some should be flared up on the side, while the other locks should be flipped down or up. It’s a casual look though, so keep the occasion in mind.

Edgy Crop

Not everyone has thick hair to work with so the edgy crop is a pixie cut for those of us with fine hair. The layers are very short and usually, a vibrant overtone works well with them.

If you are planning to go short to save the time and effort necessary for maintaining and styling long hair, these eight will work wonderfully, but there are of course plenty of other options which you should definitely check out at My New Hair Styles. You can also just choose to keep your hair straight and sleek because not only is it easy to maintain, sleek, straight hair is open to almost any styling option out there.

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