How Beauty and Care Regimes for Men are now Mainstream

man beauty

Although it is still the case that most beauty and personal care tips, be it for hair, skin, and more, are focused on women, there is a change afoot, and men are now being included in a mainstream way. Men’s health and wellness, beauty, skin, and hair are now massive business and growing all the time. For those in the profession or interested in entering the sector, now is the time to focus on men’s beauty, wellbeing, health, and personal care products.

The mainstreaming of metrosexuality

Metrosexual was a term that begun to be used in the ’90s, which served to pigeonhole or explain those men who were heterosexual and metropolitan. It was a term that sought to define those men who wanted to spend both time and money on trendy fashion, skin and hair care products, and more recently, the weekly beard grooming and facials at the beauty salon.

The concept of ‘metrosexual’ provided a way to describe these men, and for a while, it served to define moisturized masculinity. However, the manner in which society has changed has seen men of all ages, types, sizes, shapes, and professions move towards improved care for the self. Metrosexuality is arguably now mainstream, and most men are comfortable with buying and using a range of skin and hair care products. It has also become normal for men to want to do more for thinning hair, wrinkles, and a spreading midsection. So, taking hair loss tablets using a daily wrinkle cream and beard wax is now the norm.

Men’s hair, face, and skin are the current big thing in beauty

The market for men’s grooming products is projected to reach USD 78.5 billion by 2025. Driven by an increased acceptance of the importance of this to most men, but also as a society and social media influencers highlight and advocate for a change in this direction. It is clear that men now spend on more than just razor blades, and the skincare and cosmetics sector is simply growing year on year.

This means a few things for all of us in the industry, and the main aspect is that men now need to be catered for in more than just the barbershop but also in the beauty salon, skincare clinics, and product awareness campaigns. It is a fast-growing and constantly changing market, and the key is to offer the right products, ensure that the offering is online and keep active on the socials to see what the trends are. Everyone wants to look good, and the fact that men now see other men look after their skin, keep their hair in perfect condition and want good teeth all in real-time on social media has allowed them to openly accept and embrace men’s beauty and the trend is that they will simply continue to do this. Beauty products, advice, bespoke designer clothing, post-shave ointments, and beard wax it is all the rage at the moment.

It is a clear opportunity for business and also for the disruption of the beauty sector as the men’s grooming sector is now officially recognized as being open for business.