Virtual events have always been a thing; however, they have become incredibly popular in recent years as, thanks to the pandemic, people have been forced to move their entertainment online. This means that attending virtual events has become a well-known fact of life and one that people continue to take part in even as the world begins to open back up. You may be wondering what virtual events there are available to both you, your friends, family, and co-workers. Well, if that’s the case, then look no further, as this article will dive into detail about some of the most fun events available to you. 

Virtual Chocolate Tasting

This event will allow you to taste and learn all about the deliciousness of chocolate from different regions all over the world. You’ll be able to learn about not only different flavors of chocolate, but you will also get filled in on the likes of what pairs well with that chocolate, such as different wines and beers. You will also get ideas for gift boxes you could buy loved ones depending on what their likes and dislikes are. A virtual chocolate tasting truly is one of the more immersive experiences available on this list.

Online Office Games

These have become an incredibly popular online event due to the fact they are incredibly fun and easy to set up. It would be fully hosted and includes different icebreaker games, trivia, and a mini competition. If you are hoping to put together a fun online event for your co-workers and employees, then the online office games are certainly something to consider.

All in all, the whole thing takes about 90 minutes and is conducted over a video messaging platform. It will provide you with a very energetic host who will be able to keep everyone in your team engaged and entertained for a long period. A lot of large organizations have taken part, such as Google, Apple, and Amazon, so why not yours?

The Virtual Cocktail Shake-Up

This is another event that is fully hosted and is one for those who love a good drink. Here, you will be met virtually by a master mixologist who will be able to teach your group how they can go about making some prohibition-era-style drinks. They will also be able to provide a plethora of party games for you to sink your teeth into and short stories surrounding each of the drinks.

The whole event in total is 90 minutes long, but it is so much fun that that period will simply fly by. Generally speaking, it is BYOB, but you can ask for different kits to be sent out to yourself and other attendees. They will all take place over video, but throughout the event, there is a strong emphasis placed on the social aspect of it.


Even as lockdown restrictions ease and the world retains some level of normality, due to the popularity and accessibility of online events, people are still having them. If you are interested in getting an online event but aren’t sure which, the above ideas are a great place to start.

By tbb