Tips to Improve your Skin Health

skin care

From being your autobiography to being your work of fiction, your skin tells your story. It is the first thing people notice about you. This is not surprising knowing that the body is our largest organ. Our skin is the first layer of protection against the harmful elements of the environment. We should always take care of our skin so that it can serve its protective role. Health is reflected in your skin in various ways. It not only protects you from bacteria, pollution, viruses, fungi, and UV radiations, but it also plays an important role in controlling your body’s temperature.

Additionally, it can alert you about health risks through pain signals. The health of your skin is determined by a multitude of factors. These include genetics, age, diet, and exposure to the sun to mention just a few. Some medical conditions, stress, and hormone levels also impact your skin health. To have healthy and glowing skin may seem like a struggle at times. Let us see some tips with which you can improve the health of your skin:


Food plays a crucial role in your skin health. Antioxidants are believed to have a positive effect on the skin. It seems logical then to opt for the types of food that are high in antioxidants. Make sure you include pecans, blueberries, strawberries, spinach, kale, and artichokes more consciously in your diet. The good news is dark chocolate also has antioxidant properties. So, next time you eat a piece, rest assured, you did something healthy for your skin.

Do not forget about the benefits of drinking enough water. Even an otherwise healthy person can look their best with proper water intake. The reason being that water makes your skin look more elastic and less saggy. Let us not forget about candida, which is mostly harmless; however, can cause skin problems if overgrown. If you have specific skin problems diagnosed as candidiasis of the skin, your doctor may advise you to eat foods that kill candida. To starve the fungus, excluding yeast and sugar from your diet may be recommended. 

Natural elements

Sun and air are vital for our living. It does matter though how thin the ozone layer is where you live and how polluted the air in your city is. The idea is not to avoid going out entirely but to have minimal precaution when doing so. Fifteen minutes of sun can do wonders in terms of our vitamin D supply. However, the same 15 minutes in high temperature may cause long-term damage to your skin. To avoid wrinkles, crow’s feet, and age spots later, apply sunscreen today.

It should be easy to protect your skin from excess sun through using appropriate SPF. Your skin type is what should determine the factor. If you live in a polluted place, ensure that you have a functional skin care routine in place. This should include at least a cleanser, a toner, an eye cream, and a moisturizer. It is said that whatever you do to your skin today will be visible in 15 years time. Better start caring for it right now.


Treating your skin well at all times can also be a preventative measure against serious skin conditions or just skin aging in general. Did you know that only by using warm instead of scalding hot water slows down the aging of your skin? You may also know that scrubbing, though beneficial from time to time, should not be part of your daily routine. If you use waxing as a solution for hair removal, it can act as a wonderful exfoliating agent too.

When you can choose a body gel, the best is to avoid using soaps. If you find that your skin tends to feel dry, do apply a body lotion that fits your skin type. Treating yourself to a massage session, especially lymphatic massage, can exfoliate and tighten your skin. Skin pampering could also mean that you invite a few friends over and do a proper skin care routine. This would include all kinds of extras that you usually do not have time for on a regular day. This is the time to bust out the masks, serums, and oils.

As our largest organ, our skin deserves special attention. The best solution is to prevent skin conditions and diseases at all. This you can do with many of the above tips. Once the skin condition surfaced, proper diagnosis will help the treatment. Remember that food, water, the sun, and the air play key roles in maintaining a healthy skin.