skincare mistake

Nobody’s perfect. We all know that, but sometimes we could all use a little reminder. Everybody makes mistakes, and when it comes to makeup and beauty routines, some of us have made more mistakes than others. Whether you over-plucked your brows or walked around in the wrong foundation shade for longer than you’d care to admit, you’re certainly not alone. Read this list to make sure your beauty mistakes are now firmly in the past and move on to a brighter, more beautiful future.

1.Working with an inexperienced aesthetician. Many people have particular features they’re not thrilled about. Fortunately, the amazing advances that have been made in cosmetic surgery and beauty have made it easier and more affordable than ever before to make a change. If you do take the leap and want to get your lips plumped or your wrinkles smoothed away, make sure you get your cosmetic injections perth done by an experienced professional with a portfolio of happy clients.

2. Applying foundation on bare skin. On those rushed hectic mornings, are you ever tempted to wash you face, then slather on your foundation and run out of the house? Resist the urge and make sure you put a primer or moisturiser on first. Foundation alone can leave a flaky texture, especially if you have dry skin.

3. Neglecting your neck. Your face isn’t the only area of your skin that could use a little TLC. When putting on sunscreen or any kind of facial skincare product, make sure you include your neck, throat, and décolletage area in the process. This area is quick to show the early signs of aging, so neglecting proper skincare could be a big mistake.

4. Overdoing the exfoliator. A gentle exfoliating scrub is great for your skin – it’ll clear away dead skin cells and leave you looking fresh and dewy. However, overdoing this part of your beauty routine could make your skin feel irritated and inflamed. Exfoliate gently once a week using circular motions, and avoid vigorous scrubbing if you want even, beautiful skin.

5. Over-tweezing your eyebrows. Many of us made this mistake in our teenage years and would do anything to turn back the clock and fix things up. Once you over-pluck your eyebrows, the hair may not fully grow back, and you’ll be left looking slightly shocked forever. Follow the natural arch of your brow and aim for a strong, thick look rather than a thin arch.

6. Bronzing in the sun. Lying out in the sun slathered in oil all summer long is a great way to get a deadly case of skin cancer, but not a very clever way to tan. Why bother putting yourself at risk when there are so many amazing tanning products available today? Go to a salon for a gorgeous even spray tan and you’ll have all of the glow with none of the dry, prematurely aged skin.

7. Dehydrating your skin. You may not realise it, but the way you treat your body can have a real impact on your skin. If you’re consistently not drinking enough water then not only will your internal organs be thirsty, your skin will be too. Drink plenty of water, especially in the summer months, if you want clear, healthy skin.

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